Lot Number Lead Description Pre-Sale Estimate (Each) Pre-Sale Estimate (Each) Reserve (Total) Image1 Image2 Image3 Image4 Image5 Image6 Image7 Image8 Image9 Image10 Image11 Image12 Image13 Image14 Image15 Image16 Image17 Image18 Image19 Image20
3001 MIXED LOT OF VINTAGE FICTION BOOKS Books included are "Frank Before Vicksburg" by Castlemon, "Tarzan And The City Of Gold" by Edgar Rice Burroughs, "The Real McCoys And The Danger At The Ranch", and "Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes" by A. Conan Doyle. Books vary from good to very good condition. 20.00 100.00 0.00 3001_1.jpg 3001_2.jpg 3001_3.jpg                                  
3002 MIXED GROUPING OF VINTAGE FICTION BOOKS Books included are "Lassie The Mystery Of Bristlecone Pine", by Whitman Publishing, "The Real Mccoys and Danger At The Ranch", "Gun Boat Series" by Harry Castlemon, "Don Sturdy In The Port Of Lost Ships" by Victor Appleton, and "Lassie The Secret Of The Smelter's Cave" by Whitman Publishing. All books range form good to very good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3002_1.jpg 3002_2.jpg 3002_3.jpg                                  
3003 FRAMED LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON LBJ SIGNATURE PICTURE 36th President Lyndon B. Johnson framed photograph with signature. Inscribed "To Iven M Brooh with best wishes, Lyndon B. Johnson" on the lower mat. Framed. Colors faded a bit with age but the signature is still in very good condition. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3003_1.jpg 3003_2.jpg                                    
3004 FRITZ LANG MOVIE POSTERS REPRO FRAMED German movie poster reprints for Fritz Lang's Frau im Mond (1929) and Metropolis (1927). Both measure 19 by 37.25 inches framed. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3004_1.jpg 3004_2.jpg 3004_3.jpg 3004_4.jpg 3004_5.jpg 3004_6.jpg 3004_7.jpg                          
3005 ALRAUNE MOVIE POSTER REPRO FRAMED 1927 Reproduction of the German movie poster Alraune (Unholy Love), 1927, with Brigitte Helm, directed by Henrik Galeen. Poster measures approximately 14 by 20 inches, 21 by 27 inches framed. In very good condition. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3005_1.jpg 3005_2.jpg 3005_3.jpg                                  
3006 TOM WAITS RAIN DOGS VINTAGE POSTER Poster from Tom Waits' 1985 album Rain Dogs. Stored rolled, some creases. Overall very good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00                                        
3007 LA PUTAIN RESPECTUEUSE 1952 MOVIE POSTER La Putain respectueuse (The Respectful Prostitute), 1952 French movie poster. Print reads “Royal Films S.A. Presente / La P….. Respectueuse de J.P. Sarte / Mise en scene Marcel Pagliero / Charles Brabant / Avec Barbara Laage / Ivan Desny / Et Marcel Herrand / De Deftige Deerne” and, along the print edge, “Imprime en Belgique / Imp. L.&H. Verstegen. Bruxelles” . Poster measures approximately 40 by 50 cm, 51 by 64 matted and framed with spring back frame. Poster has quarter fold, good, bold color with only slight yellowing of the paper. Overall in very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3007_1.jpg 3007_2.jpg 3007_3.jpg 3007_4.jpg 3007_5.jpg                              
3008 VINTAGE NUDE & PORN PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION Contained in a binder 59 original photographs, amateur, stewardess, and every variety of soft to hard core porn, 1920's to 1960's, all very good. 150.00 250.00 0.00 3008_1.jpg 3008_2.jpg 3008_3.jpg                                  
3009 DEERSLAYER & NATURAL HISTORY SWEDISH EDITIONS 1945 James Finmore Cooper 1945 "Deerslayer", also natural history 1946 volume Naturlara, each good. 10.00 30.00 0.00 3009_1.jpg 3009_2.jpg                                    
3010 CIRCA 1920'S NUDE PHOTOGRAPH NEGATIVE LOT OF 2 Two original negatives of 1920's or 1930's, nudes and erotica, accompanied by 8x10 prints of imagery, negatives measure 5x4. 80.00 120.00 0.00 3010_1.jpg 3010_2.jpg 3010_3.jpg                                  
3011 MR WASHINGTON GOES TO TOWN ORIGINAL COLORED CAST Original 41 by 27 inch movie poster, Toddy Pictures Company, all colored cast, folded with a small tear at one of the heaviest folds, very good condition. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3011_1.jpg 3011_2.jpg 3011_3.jpg                                  
3012 MURDER RAP TODDY PICTURE COLORED CAST MOVIE POSTER Original 27 by 41 inch movie poster "Murder Rap" (Take My Life) very light damage and near tear free, only slight tearing at the heaviest of creases. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3012_1.jpg 3012_2.jpg 3012_3.jpg 3012_4.jpg 3012_5.jpg                              
3013 PIGMEAT MARKHAM ORIGINAL COLORED CAST MOVIE POSTER "Pigmeat's Laugh Hepcats" 27 by 41 inch original movie poster, only slight tearing at the heaviest of creases, Toddy Picture Company. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3013_1.jpg 3013_2.jpg 3013_3.jpg 3013_4.jpg 3013_5.jpg                              
3014 VINTAGE STELLA GUITAR WITH "HANK" SIGNATURE Unplayable acoustic guitar, manufactured by Stella, with a undetermined authenticity signature of "Hank". 500.00 1,000.00 0.00 3014_1.jpg 3014_2.jpg 3014_3.jpg 3014_4.jpg 3014_5.jpg 3014_6.jpg 3014_7.jpg 3014_8.jpg                        
3015 VINTAGE ORIGINAL RINGLING BROS CIRCUS POSTER Poster measures approximately 28 by 41 inches. Features the text "Ringling Bros Circus Barnum & Bailey , Afternoon and night La Porte, Warnecke Grounds Lincoln Highway, Thurs. Aug. 1". Poster has some discoloring and is torn around the edges. Overall in good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3015_1.jpg 3015_2.jpg 3015_3.jpg                                  
3016 VINTAGE COUNTRY STORE WINDOW DISPLAY SIGN Vintage country store sign painted white with black and red letters with blue stars in between offered items. Sign reads "Cigars, Cigarettes, Baseball Cards, Autographed Balls, Postcards, Jewelry". Overall sign is in good condition considering age with some splitting to particle board and some scuff marks. 10.00 80.00 0.00 3016_1.jpg 3016_2.jpg 3016_3.jpg 3016_4.jpg                                
3017 JACK HALEY SIGNED CHECK ( TIN MAN WIZARD OF OZ) Check from the Lake Pillsbury Properties issued in 1968 was signed by Jack Haley. John Joseph "Jack" Haley (August 10, 1898 – June 6, 1979) was an American stage, radio, and film actor best known for his portrayal of the Tin Man and Kansas farm worker Hickory in The Wizard of Oz. Includes a photo of "The Tin Man" in a frame that measures 15 by 13 inches. In very good condition. 150.00 250.00 150.00 3017_1.jpg 3017_2.jpg 3017_3.jpg                                  
3018 CHECK SIGNED BY JACK HALEY "TINMAN" WITH COA Signed check comes with certificate of authenticity from grandson, Barry Haley Bregman. Overall in very good condition. 20.00 100.00 0.00 3018_1.jpg 3018_2.jpg 3018_3.jpg                                  
3019 2 PAGES FROM THE CHECK REGISTER OF JOSEPH BONANNO Pages come with certificate of authenticity from "Signature House". Overall in very good condition. 40.00 120.00 0.00 3019_1.jpg 3019_2.jpg                                    
3020 CHECK WRITTEN BY AND TO CHARLES MANSON WITH COA Check comes with certificate of authenticity from Todd Mueller Autographs. Overall in very good condition. 40.00 160.00 0.00 3020_1.jpg 3020_2.jpg 3020_3.jpg                                  
3021 PHOTOGRAPH AND SIGNATURE OF THE DALAI LAMA Photograph comes with certificate of authenticity from Todd Mueller Autographs. Overall in very good condition. 100.00 150.00 0.00 3021_1.jpg 3021_2.jpg 3021_3.jpg                                  
3022 PHOTOGRAPH OF THE BOCKSCAR SIGNED BY FRED OLIVI Photographs of the Bockscar signed by Fred Olivi. Overall in very good condition. 50.00 100.00 0.00 3022_1.jpg 3022_2.jpg                                    
3023 CHECK SIGNED BY JACOB BESAR ENOLA GAY CREW MEMBER Check comes with certificate of authenticity from Todd Mueller Autographs. Overall in very good condition. 40.00 100.00 0.00 3023_1.jpg 3023_2.jpg 3023_3.jpg                                  
3024 CHECK SIGNED BY THEODORE VANKIRK WITH COA Check comes with certificate of authenticity from Todd Mueller Autographs. Overall in very good condition. 40.00 100.00 0.00 3024_1.jpg 3024_2.jpg 3024_3.jpg                                  
3025 PHOTOGRAPH SIGNED BY PAUL TIBBITS ENOLA GAY PILOT Photograph signed by Paul Tibbits. Overall in very good condition. 40.00 100.00 0.00 3025_1.jpg 3025_2.jpg                                    
3026 1934 ITALIAN DOCUMENT SIGNED BY MUSSOLINI Italian document signed by Mussolini and King Vittorio. Overall in very good condition. 150.00 230.00 0.00 3026_1.jpg 3026_2.jpg 3026_3.jpg 3026_4.jpg                                
3027 PHOTOGRAPH SIGNED BY OMAR BRADLEY Photograph of and signed Omar Bradley. Overall in very good condition. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3027_1.jpg 3027_2.jpg 3027_3.jpg                                  
3028 HOYT WILHELM SIGNED BANK CHECK WITH MUELLER COA This vintage bank check is dated 7/12/79. Hand-signed in black ballpoint ink by James H. Wilhelm. Autograph includes a Todd Mueller Autographs COA for authenticity purposes. In near mint condition. 40.00 100.00 40.00 3028_1.jpg 3028_2.jpg 3028_3.jpg                                  
3029 ZEPPO MARX HAND SIGNED AUTOGRAPHED BANK CHECK Check from Zeppo Marx Business Account, dated 9/07/71. Bank check is signed in ballpoint ink in 1971 by Zeppo Marx accompanied with a photograph of the Marx Brothers. Includes COA. In near mint condition. 80.00 100.00 75.00 3029_1.jpg 3029_2.jpg 3029_3.jpg                                  
3030 1823 MARTIN VAN BUREN (AS SENATOR) SIGNED LETTER Martin Van Buren (8th President) ALS 'M.V. Buren,' dark and bold signature, approximately 8 by 10 inches, Dec 5, 1823, to secretary of Navy Samuel Southard, recommending 'Doctor Cole…who seeks the place of Surgeon Mate in the Navy.' Previously folded, slight toning at edges, fine to very fine. 450.00 550.00 450.00 3030_1.jpg 3030_2.jpg 3030_3.jpg 3030_4.jpg                                
3031 BARBARA STEELE AUTOGRAPHED BLACK SUNDAY CALENDAR 1995 calendar for Mario Bava’s Italian cult classic Black Sunday (1960) signed by Barbara Steele, dedicated “To Richard”. Calendar features rare images and trivia from the movie produced Video Watchdog. Overall in very good condition. 10.00 50.00 0.00 3031_1.jpg 3031_2.jpg 3031_3.jpg 3031_4.jpg 3031_5.jpg                              
3032 SMALL LOT ASSORTED CAMERA LENSES 1) Quantaray for Canon AF, 100-300mm, multi-coated. 2) Nikkor-Q lens, 1:3.5 3) Canon FD, 50mm, 1:1.8 4) Canon zoom lens, EF, 35-80mm, 1:4-5.6 5) Canon EX 125mm, 1:3.5, with Canon 72mm UV filter. 6) Quantaray 400mm, 1:6.3, with case. Also includes, assorted lens caps, and tote bag. All in good condition. 200.00 275.00 0.00 3032_1.jpg 3032_2.jpg 3032_3.jpg 3032_4.jpg                                
3033 LARGE LOT ENCASED BASEBALL CARDS 1970'S - NOW Large lot of 38 encased baseball cards, spanning 30 years. Includes: Yankees Thurman Munson 1970 rookie card, Joe Rudi signed Topps 1975 card, Willie Mays Ziploc 1992 card, Cal Ripkin, Jr. cards and more. A couple hockey cards and one basketball card are included. Very good condition. All encapsulated in plastic. 50.00 100.00 0.00 3033_1.jpg 3033_2.jpg 3033_3.jpg 3033_4.jpg                                
3034 OVER 600 BASEBALL SPORTS CARDS UNSEARCHED LOT ! Over 600 baseball sports cards, spanning 30 years. Truly unsearched, ex-dealer's lot ! Some football, hockey, and basketball cards, predominately baseball cards. All cards in very good condition, in plastic sleeves. 50.00 100.00 0.00 3034_1.jpg 3034_2.jpg 3034_3.jpg 3034_4.jpg                                
3035 100'S OF 1970'S MOVIE AND MUSICIANS TRADING CARDS This group includes Alien, Battlestar Galactica, Bionic Man, Charlie's Angels, Choppers and Hot bikes, Davey Crockett, Happy Days, Jaws 2, King Kong, Kiss, Moonraker, Mork & Mindy, Star Wars, Sgt Peppers, Superman, Batman, Close Encounters, and many more. Card condition ranges from good to very good. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3035_1.jpg 3035_2.jpg 3035_3.jpg                                  
3036 CLIPS OF HAIR FROM BASEBALL LEGENDS Included with lot are strands of hair from Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio, Mickie Mantle and Ted Williams. With the exception of Mickey Mantle, each strand comes packaged in a presentation frame that measures approximately 14 by 17 inches and contains the note "I Louis Mushro, Lifetime member of the Manuscript Society, have removed this hair from the enclosed described lot." Below the text is the signature "Louis Mushro". Overall in very good condition. 300.00 600.00 0.00                                        
3037 BASKETBALL IN A DISPLAY CASE SIGNED JASON KIDD Basketball comes within a display case and features a certificate of authenticity card from Steiner Sports memorabilia. Overall in very good condition. 50.00 120.00 0.00 3037_1.jpg 3037_2.jpg 3037_3.jpg                                  
3038 1980'S VINTAGE TOY LOT THUNDERCATS MOTU Lot includes Trap Jaw with accessories, Sssqueze with snake accessory, Lion-o with accessories, Evil-lyn with accessory. Figures range from good to very good condition. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3038_1.jpg 3038_2.jpg 3038_3.jpg 3038_4.jpg 3038_5.jpg 3038_6.jpg                            
3039 VINTAGE FISHING LURES FLYS TACKLE & BOXES Grouping of various vintage fishing equipment, including wooden and plastic lures by Heddon and others, pocket size fly box, empty lure boxes, and a small metal chest full of flies and fly equipment. 100.00 150.00 0.00 3039_1.jpg 3039_2.jpg 3039_3.jpg 3039_4.jpg 3039_5.jpg 3039_6.jpg 3039_7.jpg 3039_8.jpg                        
3040 JAY HARVEY SPLIT BAMBOO FLY ROD & BAMBOO TUBE Vintage Jay Harvey fly fishing rod. Split bamboo construction with cork handle. Two tips contained in hollow bamboo tube, and fabric sleeve for other parts. Back eyelet missing, otherwise very good condition. 70.00 100.00 0.00 3040_1.jpg 3040_2.jpg 3040_3.jpg 3040_4.jpg                                
3041 VINTAGE CROSS SPLIT BAMBOO FISHING ROD Vintage Cross fishing rod. Split bamboo construction, with cork handle, and four guides. Overall very good condition. 50.00 70.00 0.00                                        
3042 VINTAGE FLY ROD AND PARTS LOT Vintage fly rod, bearing no makers mark. at least one snake guide missing. Two additional tips in metal tube. 60.00 100.00 0.00 3042_1.jpg 3042_2.jpg 3042_3.jpg                                  
3043 75 CALIFORNIA CASINO CHIPS IN BINDER Three Big Pine Casino chips: $0.25, $0.50 and $1 Two Bill Hesters's Four Queens: $1 and $5 One Black Bart's Casino: $1 Six Black Sheep C.C: four unmarked, $1 and $5 One Brass Taft Rail: unmarked One Brazil's: $5 One Bruce's Bud light Casino: unmarked Four C&B: Unmarked One Cabamas: unmarked One Cabazon Coos-pa-om-nu-it: unmarked Six Cache Creek: Two $0.50, two $1 and two $5 Four Cahulla Creek: two unmarked, $.50 and $1 Two Calif-Games: $0.25 and $1 Eight California Bell: two $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, two $5 and $100 Three California Commerce Club: $0.25, $0.25 and $2 Nine California Grand: three $0.50, three $1, $2, $3 and $5 One Camelot: unmarked Seven Cameo Casino: Six unmarked and $1 Three Camino Casino: $0.50, $1 and two unmarked Three Capitol Casino: $1, $3 and $5 One Caps Saloon: unmarked One Card Club: $25 Three Card Palace: unmarked 50.00 150.00 0.00 3043_1.jpg 3043_2.jpg 3043_3.jpg 3043_4.jpg 3043_5.jpg                              
3044 STRANDS OF HAIR FROM THE HEAD OF JOHN F KENNEDY Strands of hair from John F. Kennedy attached to a piece of paper with information regarding the hair. Overall in very good condition. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3044_1.jpg 3044_2.jpg                                    
3045 4 FRAMED JOHN F. KENNEDY MEMORABILIA ITEMS Lot includes 2 framed pictures of JFK, 1 German envelope, and 6 Liberia stamps. Overall in very good condition. 20.00 100.00 0.00 3045_1.jpg 3045_2.jpg 3045_3.jpg                                  
3046 STAR WARS MACE WINDU LIGHTSABER REPLICA Mace Windu (portrayed by Samuel. L. Jackson) Lightsaber replica reacts to movement. Discoloration is visible when the Lightsaber is powered down; overall in good condition. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3046_1.jpg 3046_2.jpg 3046_3.jpg 3046_4.jpg                                
3047 1981 JAMES IVORY FILM QUARTET BLK/WHT PHOTO LOT 1981 James Ivory film "Quartet" black and white photo lot of 14 (5 duplicates). Actors pictured: Isabelle Adjani, Anthony Higgins, Alan Bates, Maggie Smith, and Armelia McQueen. Photos measure 8 by 10 inches with print press logo and scene description printed on each. One photo has hand-written dedication on back dated 9/12/86. All photos in very good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3047_1.jpg 3047_2.jpg 3047_3.jpg 3047_4.jpg                                
3048 1976 PARAMOUNT PICS "THE TENANT" BLK/WHT PHOTO LOT Vintage lot of 15 black and white photos (4 duplicates) from The Roman Polanski film, "The Tenant" the psychological suspense thriller, produced by Andrew Braunsberg in 1976. Photos include actors starring in the film such as Isabelle Adjani, Melvyn Douglas, Jo Van Fleet and Shelly Winters. Photos measure 8 by 10 inches and all in good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3048_1.jpg 3048_2.jpg                                    
3049 AMC STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER 20 W PER CHANNEL The 3020 is an integrated stereo amplifier designed to bridge the gap between HI-FI and computers while maintaining un-compromised audiophile standards. A unique feature that computer users can use daily is called MIX. This feature allows users to listen to CD, Tuner, DVD, etc., while working on the computer. The input trim controls allow the inputs to be adjusted to balance levels of loudness. 20 Watts per channel. Very good condition. Stand included. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3049_1.jpg 3049_2.jpg 3049_3.jpg 3049_4.jpg                                
3050 EX-DEALERS LOT OF TOPPS 1000 YARD CLUB 1986-1989 Hundreds of cards unsearched most cards are in card protectors. Overall in good to very good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3050_1.jpg 3050_2.jpg                                    
3051 EX-DEALERS LOT OF 1970-80'S TOPPS QUARTER BACKS Over 400 Topps Quarter Back cards starting from 1970 going into the 1980's. Some very good rare cards in this lot. Including Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw, Len Dawson, Ken Anderson, John Brodie, Roman Gabriel, Bob Griese, Dan Fouts, Jim Hart, Charlie Johnson, Joe Kapp, and many more. Cards look to be in good to very good condition. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3051_1.jpg 3051_2.jpg                                    
3052 HAND CRAFTED HAND PAINTED WOODEN PLANE MODEL This plane has three propellers and is marked with Ford on the tail and body of the plane. It is made from wood and approximately measures 13 inches long with a wingspan of 19.75 inches. Overall in very good condition. 40.00 80.00 0.00                                        
3053 4 LINTOY METAL TOY PLANES SPITFIRE & BOSTON HAVOC This group includes three Lintoy made Boston Havoc planes, and one Lintoy made Spitfire. Spitfire is missing the plastic cockpit with some play wear. The three Havoc's are in very good condition. 30.00 60.00 0.00 3053_1.jpg 3053_2.jpg 3053_3.jpg 3053_4.jpg 3053_5.jpg                              
3054 FIVE LINTOY JET FIGHTER PLATES This group of Lintoy jets includes one F11f-1 Tiger, B.A.C. Jaguar, Saab 35X Drake, Mig-21, and a F-4E Phantom. Signs of slight play wear but overall in very good condition. 50.00 100.00 0.00 3054_1.jpg 3054_2.jpg 3054_3.jpg 3054_4.jpg 3054_5.jpg                              
3055 CDN CHEWING GUM JOHN F. KENNEDY MEMORABILIA CARD Card comes within a plastic sleeve that is within a frame that measures approximately 8 by 9 inches. Overall in very good condition. 20.00 100.00 0.00 3055_1.jpg 3055_2.jpg 3055_3.jpg                                  
3056 LOT OF 4 ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA PRESIDENTIAL CARD Lot of 4 Encyclopedia Britannica Presidential Series trading cards including Abraham Lincoln, John Q. Adams, Millard Fillmore, and Andrew Johnson. All cards cased in a 4 screw card holder. All in very good condition. 20.00 80.00 0.00 3056_1.jpg 3056_2.jpg 3056_3.jpg 3056_4.jpg                                
3057 VINTAGE LIONEL 1942 GREY/BLUE 3 CAR PASSENGER LOT Lot of three 1942 Lionel trains consisting of 2 1630 Pullmans and one 1631 Observation. All cars have a grey roof, windows and undercarriage. All cars are used and have some scratches and minor tarnishing to the roof, otherwise in good condition. 80.00 130.00 0.00 3057_1.jpg 3057_2.jpg 3057_3.jpg 3057_4.jpg                                
3058 LIONEL PRE WAR 225E / 2224W BLACK STEAM LOCOMOTIVE Lot consists of a Lionel Lines 225E die cast steam locomotive and a Lionel prewar O gauge 2224W black die cast Lionel Lines tender, C8. Condition is good, there are only minor scratches and dings on both cars. 180.00 230.00 0.00 3058_1.jpg 3058_2.jpg 3058_3.jpg 3058_4.jpg 3058_5.jpg                              
3059 SILVER JEWISH YAD POINTER WITH RED SET STONE Yad pointer measures approximately 6 inches in length and features a red set stone. Yad is marked "A.A, 1894". Some tarnishing is present; overall in very good condition. Probale reproduction. 80.00 200.00 80.00 3059_1.jpg 3059_2.jpg 3059_3.jpg 3059_4.jpg                                
3060 1890'S VICTORIAN ORIENTAL MILK GLASS DECANTER Antique 1890's Victorian milk glass decanter with removable stopper. Stopper is broken on the bottom portion. Measures at 10 inches in height and 3.75 inches at the base. In good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3060_1.jpg 3060_2.jpg 3060_3.jpg                                  
3061 2 ANTIQUE THEATRICAL CAPES RHINESTONES & SEQUINS Each in very good wearable condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3061_1.jpg 3061_2.jpg 3061_3.jpg 3061_4.jpg 3061_5.jpg                              
3062 JOSEPHINE & NAPOLEON MINIATURE BRONZE STATUES With heads hung in what appears to be humility, antique seven inch figurines in the style of Launt Thompson , no signature each very good and atop marble. 150.00 220.00 0.00 3062_1.jpg 3062_2.jpg 3062_3.jpg 3062_4.jpg 3062_5.jpg                              
3063 WWII GERMAN BLOHM VOSS HA 139 RECOGNITION MODEL World War II Recognition Spotter Model, German Blohm Voss HA 139 sea plane. Produced by Cruver, made from acetate, November,1942, 10 inches long 16 inches wingspan, heat wrinkling on the fuselage, pontoons and outer damage to the left rudder, overall in good condition. 80.00 280.00 0.00 3063_1.jpg 3063_2.jpg                                    
3064 VINTAGE HAND BLOWN BLENKO TANGERINE GLASS VASE Heavy vintage Blenko vase with distinguishing pontil mark on base. Vibrant tangerine red color, weighs 4.10 pounds and measures at 14.5 inches in height. Condition is very good. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3064_1.jpg 3064_2.jpg 3064_3.jpg 3064_4.jpg                                
3065 ANTIQUE HUMIDOR WOOD PIPE CIGAR SMOKING TABLE Sealed airtight metal lined cabinet, sliding drawer with match safe and cigar holders, less the ashtray, very good usable condition, standing 27 inches, 60.00 120.00 0.00 3065_1.jpg 3065_2.jpg 3065_3.jpg 3065_4.jpg 3065_5.jpg                              
3066 VINTAGE STAINED GLASS HANGING LAMP FRUIT MOTIF Vintage stained glass hanging lamp, fruit motif. Measures 9.5 inches (height) and 20 inches in diameter. Metal chain link attached measures 13 inches. Very good condition with the exception of repaired crack on one panel. Tested working condition. 200.00 300.00 0.00 3066_1.jpg 3066_2.jpg 3066_3.jpg 3066_4.jpg 3066_5.jpg 3066_6.jpg 3066_7.jpg                          
3067 SCULPTURAL LAMP WITH VICTORIAN LADY ON HORSEBACK Cast resin sculptural lamp with faux bronze patina in browns and greens with three fluted glass shades in the form of angel trumpets, amber and green in color. Measures approximately 25 by 13 by 9.5 inches. Overall, very good condition, tested and working. Lamp is oxidized at the base of the lamp supports, shades have some wear on the rim of the glass. Parts of the sculpture have some finish loss. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3067_1.jpg 3067_2.jpg 3067_3.jpg 3067_4.jpg 3067_5.jpg 3067_6.jpg                            
3068 MOTHER OF PEARL MANDOLIN SHAPED MUSIC BOX Mother of Pearl, Mandolin-shaped small music box. Colorful, mosaic design with metal tuning pegs and turning knob. Some minor cracks to front and one to back middle, one inlay piece missing. Tested, good working condition. 30.00 80.00 0.00                                        
3069 SILVER PLATE FOUNTAIN BEER TAP BAKELITE SPOUT Complete including onyx handle and bakelite spout, heavy silver plate over brass, measures 10 inches. 60.00 100.00 0.00 3069_1.jpg 3069_2.jpg 3069_3.jpg                                  
3070 EMBOSSED LEATHER COVERED OAK WALL MOUNT COAT RACK A handsome wall mounted coat rack made of oak and covered with embossed leather. Tacked around edge. Six hooks. 58 inches wide and 33 inches tall. Center motif features heraldry crest. Good to very good condition with some wear and losses to leather along edges and repair to top. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3070_1.jpg 3070_2.jpg 3070_3.jpg 3070_4.jpg                                
3071 ADDISON ROSS FOUNTAIN & BALL POINT PEN SET New in box, without ink filler on each, enamel finish. 40.00 80.00 0.00 3071_1.jpg 3071_2.jpg 3071_3.jpg 3071_4.jpg                                
3072 2 W.A. SCHEAFFER FOUNTAIN PEN & MECHANICAL PENCIL Ripple design pen and pencil overall good condition, bladder seems to be in good shape on the fountain pen, pencil has rolled gold top. 40.00 80.00 0.00 3072_1.jpg 3072_2.jpg 3072_3.jpg 3072_4.jpg                                
3073 DELTA 365 STERLING BLACK & RIPPLE BALL POINT PEN Pen barrel only, very good condition, with sterling wrap. 130.00 150.00 125.00 3073_1.jpg 3073_2.jpg                                    
3074 LOT OF 3 MINIATURE ROYAL DOULTON TOBY JUGS This lot contains 3 mini Royal Doulton & Co jugs. Including Gunsmith, North American Indian, and Captain Ahab. Measure at 2.5 inches tall and all in mint condition. 20.00 60.00 0.00 3074_1.jpg 3074_2.jpg 3074_3.jpg 3074_4.jpg                                
3075 GROUPING OF 8 FRANKLIN MINT MINIATURES This lot contains Mad Hatter, Dick Turpin, Ivanhoe, Fagin, Friar Tuck, Micawber, Scrooge and Hornblower. All measure approximately 2 inches in height. All in near mint condition except Scrooge's handle had been repaired. 20.00 60.00 0.00 3075_1.jpg 3075_2.jpg 3075_3.jpg 3075_4.jpg                                
3076 ANTELOPE PRONGHORN AND IMPALA AFRICAN MOUNTS Included is a Pronghorn skull (African style mount) with horns measuring about 11 inches long and 9.5 inches tip to tip. Also included is and Impala skull (African style mount) with horns measuring 15 inches long and 11 inches tip to tip. Both are in very god condition and ready to mount. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3076_1.jpg 3076_2.jpg 3076_3.jpg                                  
3077 ANTIQUE FRENCH JASPE POTTERY CREAM PITCHER Antique French Jaspe pottery cream pitcher wit lid. This piece of pottery comes from the Savoie region of France . It features a rich Jaspe glaze. It measures 4 ½ inches tall and is in very good condition, there is wear around rim and a chip on the outer rim, otherwise good condition. Vibrant Jaspe colors are, brown, green, honey and yellow. The lid has a small chip under the rim and features an incised mark. 70.00 150.00 0.00 3077_1.jpg 3077_2.jpg 3077_3.jpg 3077_4.jpg                                
3078 GROUPING OF 8 FRANKLIN MINT MINIATURES This lot contains 8 mini jugs including Henry V, King Arthur, Peter Pan, Richard III, Moll Flanders, Artful Dodger, Mr. Pickwick, & Merlin. All measure at approximately 2 inches in height and all in mint condition. 20.00 60.00 0.00 3078_1.jpg 3078_2.jpg 3078_3.jpg 3078_4.jpg                                
3079 TOHONO-O-DHAM PAPAGPO BASKET MAN IN MAZE DESIGN Papago hand woven grass basket of a man in a maze. The Tohono-o-odham, are from southern Arizona, their ancesters were called Papago. Their baskets are very distinctive and are made of dried yucca plant. The materials used in the Tohono-o-dham baskets are native to the Sonora Desert Area. They tend to use “Bear Grass” and “Devil’s Claw” in their basket making. This basket is in excellent condition and measures 11 inches in diameter. 90.00 120.00 90.00 3079_1.jpg 3079_2.jpg                                    
3080 CARVED ECUADORIAN TAGUA NUT ECUADOR FARMER Tagua nut carving from Ecuadorian Ivory Palm (Phytelephas aequatorialis). Carved with the profile of a young man with a hat, possibly an Ecuadorian farmer. Very good condition.Old label attached to reverse marked "MADE IN ECUADOR". 10.00 100.00 0.00 3080_1.jpg 3080_2.jpg 3080_3.jpg                                  
3081 TWO COSTA RICAN STONE SUKIA STYLE FIGURES One of the figures is just a head that has been broken off standing approximately 10 inches tall, the other figure is squatting and what looks to be praying approximately 12 inches tall. Both are in good condition considering they have been outside in the ground. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3081_1.jpg 3081_2.jpg 3081_3.jpg                                  
3082 POLISHED PETRIFIED WOOD LOG 7" 22 POUNDS Please acquire a shipping estimate as item is heavy. Overall in very good condition. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3082_1.jpg 3082_2.jpg 3082_3.jpg 3082_4.jpg                                
3083 FANTASY MAYAN SPEAR GREENSTONE JAGUAR Modern, fantasy piece of an apparent Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican, probably intended to resemble Mayan, Mixtec, or Toltec style. Handle is of greenstone (serpentine or soapstone?), brass crossguard with heavy oxidation, two red stones and faux-glyphic decoration at the crossguard, and an unknown material stone spear point carved with an abstract jaguar face. Measures approximately 35 cm total length. Intentionally aged, oxidized, and repaired. Spear-point has been loosened from body showing a cracked separation and, when removed, the glue that held it in place. Overall very good condition. 30.00 120.00 0.00 3083_1.jpg 3083_2.jpg 3083_3.jpg                                  
3084 MEGALODON 4 INCH SHARK TOOTH SEWAUNEE RIVER FL Nice serrations and complete and free of repairs, slight old and patinated loss at the gum line about 3mm. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3084_1.jpg 3084_2.jpg                                    
3085 LOCK OF JOHN F. KENNEDY'S HAIR John F. Kennedy's lock of hair with COA from Louis Muhro of "The Manuscript Society." 40.00 100.00 0.00 3085_1.jpg 3085_2.jpg 3085_3.jpg                                  
3086 KIFWEBE MASK SONGYE OR LUBA Kifwebe-style mask with round, protruding eyes and mouth and scored face on a sheild-like base. Likely from a Songye or Luba culture in the Zappo Zap Congolese region of Arfica. Mask measures approximately 12 by 22 inches. Wooden mask shows signs of lost black polychrome, a few splits, and one insect hole. Overall in good condition. 30.00 120.00 0.00 3086_1.jpg 3086_2.jpg 3086_3.jpg                                  
3087 YOUTH REDEEMING ISRAEL KIBBUTZ ACRYLIC PAINTING Illegibly signed (LR) vintage painting in heavy acrylic on canvas overall size is 35 by 29 inches. "Youth redeeming Israel" hand written on back of canvas. Brightly colored. In very good condition with pronounced crazing throughout. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3087_1.jpg 3087_2.jpg 3087_3.jpg 3087_4.jpg 3087_5.jpg 3087_6.jpg                            
3088 BIRDS ABSTRACT ACRYLIC ON CANVAS PAINTING Lowbrow art titled "Birds Abstract" by Edson Lufaac measures approximately 35 by 27 inches. Some minor pinholes; overall in very good condition. 60.00 200.00 0.00 3088_1.jpg 3088_2.jpg 3088_3.jpg 3088_4.jpg                                
3089 CLINT EASTWOOD IN CLOWN MAKEUP PAINTING POLITICAL Oil on canvas painting of Clint Eastwood dressed up as a clown and wearing clown makeup signed "Joanna Mathewson 1992." Joanna Mathewson was a resident of Carmel, California, a city of which Clint Eastwood was the mayor between 1986-1989. Painting measures approximately 11 by 16 inches, 20 by 24 framed. Frame has some minor scratches; overall in very good condition. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3089_1.jpg 3089_2.jpg 3089_3.jpg                                  
3090 OIL ON CANVAS COUNTRY SCENE BY FRANK SCLESINGER Painting measures approximately 13 by 10 inches, 17 by 13 framed and is signed "Frank Sclesinger." Painting is marked "1951" on it's back. Paint has some crackle due to aging; overall in good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3090_1.jpg 3090_2.jpg 3090_3.jpg 3090_4.jpg                                
3091 CONTEMPORARY HAIDA WOOD CARVED TOTEM FIGURE Contemporary Haida-style wood carved totem figure of crouching man with hand gesture. Bright green, red and black paint and raffia dress. Looks to be emanating bird spirit. Measures 22 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide. Minor scuffs, but overall very good condition. Unsigned. 50.00 200.00 0.00 3091_1.jpg 3091_2.jpg 3091_3.jpg 3091_4.jpg                                
3092 CHINESE BRONZE GALLOPING HORSE ON SWALLOW HAN COPY “Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow“ The Bronze Galloping Horse is a representative work of the East Han Dynasty, the apex of bronze craftsmanship. Statue measures 10 inches in height, 12 including the base and 13.5 inches in length. In very good condition. 100.00 200.00 100.00 3092_1.jpg 3092_2.jpg 3092_3.jpg 3092_4.jpg                                
3093 CARVED WHITE JADE PEONY PENDANT Intricately carved white "mutton fat" jade pendant with even stone color and high polish depicting peonies (Huawang) in a vase. No chips, cracks, or damage. Measures approximately 2 by 2 inches and weighs about 16.7 grams. Overall in very good to excellent condition. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3093_1.jpg 3093_2.jpg 3093_3.jpg 3093_4.jpg                                
3094 CLARENCE STRINGFIELD CARVED ARCHIE CAMPBELL HEAD Clarence Stringfield (American, 1903 - 1976) folk art carved wood portrait of Art Dealer Archie Campbell. Reverse signed in brown felt-tip pen and "ARCHIE CAMPBELL" in pencil. In excellent to very good condition. 150.00 300.00 0.00 3094_1.jpg 3094_2.jpg                                    
3095 WESTERN EUROPEAN ENGRAVING BY CAMILLA LUCAS 1935 Beautiful etching by De Fontaine titled "The wooden bridge" depicting a Dutch style village with stream and bridge. Marked in plate UL with " copyright 1935-Camilla Lucas. NY-USA". Plate size is 11.5 by 14 inches and overall dimensions are19 by 22 inches. Very good condition and being recently professionally reconditioned. 60.00 100.00 0.00 3095_1.jpg 3095_2.jpg 3095_3.jpg 3095_4.jpg 3095_5.jpg                              
3096 PRO HART ANT PAINTING Kevin Charles "Pro" Hart, MBE(1928-2006), born in Broken Hill, New South Wales, was considered the father of the Australian Outback painting movement and his works are widely admired for capturing the true spirit of the outback. This is a framed and signed "Ant" painting measuring 4 by 4 inches and framed measuring 11 by 11 inches. In very good condition. 250.00 350.00 0.00 3096_1.jpg 3096_2.jpg 3096_3.jpg                                  
3097 HAND COLORED ASIAN SUBJECT ETCHING SIGNED G. DANTE A large (23 by 20 inches) colored etching of an Oriental style house in winter. Bottom left includes printers mark (inverted triangle around S Z / L). Faint writing to left of mark appears to read " R. LORRAIN Sculpt ". Signature in LR looks to be "G. Dante". Matted in simple frame, overall size is 27.5 by 32 inches. Very good condition. 100.00 150.00 0.00                                        
3098 FRAMED GICLEE PRINT OF FLOWERS IN A VASE Giclee measures approximately 11 by 20 inches, 18 by 28 framed and features flowers in a vase. Painting is illegibly signed "Frannie ?" Overall in very good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3098_1.jpg 3098_2.jpg 3098_3.jpg                                  
3099 PAIR OF ED KITCHEN ART WATERCOLOR AND PRINT Pair of Ed Kitchen artwork: one black and white pointillist horse print, one landscape watercolor. Print is titled "Pete and Dick", signed "e.kitchen, 9/50" in lower left, blue matte frame within metal frame, measures 19 by 16 inches. Watercolor of barn and tractor on winter mountainside (signed "e.kitchen" on lower left), measures 19 by 16 inches in wooden frame. Both pieces in very good condition, free from damage, wire hangers attached. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3099_1.jpg 3099_2.jpg 3099_3.jpg 3099_4.jpg 3099_5.jpg 3099_6.jpg 3099_7.jpg                          
3100 LOU MALLE'S 1978 PRETTY BABY FRAMED POSTER This is an original release 36" x 14" framed poster for the controversial 1978 Louis Malle film with Brooke Shields. This tale of a young child growing up in a brothel in 19th Century New Orleans created quite a stir when first released. Condition of the poster is very good , never folded. 50.00 100.00 0.00 3100_1.jpg 3100_2.jpg 3100_3.jpg 3100_4.jpg 3100_5.jpg 3100_6.jpg                            
3101 BRYAN TARTER OIL PAINTING NATIVE AMERICAN SCENE Bryan Tarter (Montana) (1956- ) oil painting, 2011. Native American winter scene: Indian on horseback in forefront, 3 Indians in background, tepees, trees and brush. Beautiful colors and attention to detail. Measures 22 by 18 inches in gilded frame. Few minor scratches to frame, overall, very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3101_1.jpg 3101_2.jpg 3101_3.jpg                                  
3102 LARGE OIL ON CANVAS PAINTING OF A BEACH AT SUNSET Painting measures approximately 23 by 36 inches, 31 by 44 framed and is signed "Kaloff." Minor scuffs to the frame; overall in very good condition. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3102_1.jpg 3102_2.jpg 3102_3.jpg                                  
3103 OIL ON CANVAS PAINTING OF A BEACH NIGHT SCENE Painting measures approximately 19 by 15 inches, 23 by 19 inches framed. Top left corner of the painting is almost punctured and loose. Some minor holes in the same area. Overall in good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3103_1.jpg 3103_2.jpg                                    
3104 LARGE IMPRESSIONISTIC OIL ON CANVAS PAINTING Painting measures approximately 36 by 24 inches, 42 by 29 inches framed and features a mother and daughter standing in a field of flowers by the ocean. Painting is signed "Mariana". Discolored line measuring approximately 4 inches in length is present to the top center of the painting. Frame has some chips; overall in very good condition. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3104_1.jpg 3104_2.jpg 3104_3.jpg                                  
3105 OIL ON CANVAS PAINTING OF A MOUNTAINSIDE VIEW Painting measures approximately 8 by 10 inches, 16 by 14 inches framed and is illegibly signed "F. Whitman". Overall in very good condition. 10.00 60.00 0.00 3105_1.jpg 3105_2.jpg                                    
3106 K. CHONG SR-71A BLACKBIRD PAINTING Oil on canvas measures approximately 18 by 36 inches and is signed "K. Chong." Painting features a SR-71A Blackbird 64-17964 RAF Mildenhall. Some minor fading and scrapes around the edges; overall in very good condition. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3106_1.jpg 3106_2.jpg 3106_3.jpg 3106_4.jpg 3106_5.jpg                              
3107 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING DARBY AND JOAN BY E. MORELLI E. Morelli (Italian 19th. cent.) Titled "Darby and Joan", signed lower left. In original frame measuring 25 by 20 inches overall, canvas size is14 by 19 inches. Very good overall condition, Back has paper label from "Christie's" auctions with "CALE710" written on it. 200.00 400.00 0.00 3107_1.jpg 3107_2.jpg 3107_3.jpg 3107_4.jpg 3107_5.jpg 3107_6.jpg 3107_7.jpg                          
3108 ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR EMILEE FELKNOR 22X17 FRAMED American painter Emilee Felknor, bird nest, circa 1980, very good condition. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3108_1.jpg 3108_2.jpg 3108_3.jpg                                  
3109 ORIGINAL ETHNOGRAPHIC ON CANVAS BY K. REINHOLD In muted earth tones is a portrait of Mother and child. Canvas size is 24 by 30 inches. In a modern brushed aluminum low profile frame. Very good condition. 100.00 150.00 0.00                                        
3110 CAPTURED ORIGINAL PAINTING OF SADAM HUSSEIN A Veteran bring-back canvas painting of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Original canvas was cut from frame during liberation and has been mounted to new canvas and re-stretched. Signed in LL. These paintings hung in many public places showing Hussein in various attire and posses, for example as teacher, shop keeper, etc. In very good condition. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3110_1.jpg 3110_2.jpg 3110_3.jpg 3110_4.jpg 3110_5.jpg                              
3111 NK KAMPAN THAI RICE FARM OIL ON CANVAS C.1965 NK (Nikit) Kampan (Thai, ?-1993) circa 1965 oil on canvas mounted on particle board of a rice farm in Thailand with straw roof houses and oxen. Canvas measures approximately 50 by 20 cm, 66 by 37 cm framed. Canvas is in very good condition with no losses, varnished has browned slightly; canvas is in good condition with damage to fabric border. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3111_1.jpg 3111_2.jpg                                    
3112 VINTAGE ORIENTAL PAINTING OF A BIRD Hand-painted picture of an oriental bird image, mounted and framed. Frame measures at 19.5 by 16.5 inches. This painting was rescued from a damaged larger canvas and re framed. 50.00 150.00 0.00                                        
3113 SIGNED WILDLIFE PRINT 238 / 250 W STANLEY PROCTOR Signed wildlefe print titled "Lessenberry Hole" by W Stanley Proctor (American, 1939 - Present). Print is numbered 238 of 250. Framed, measuring 39 by 32 inches. 50.00 70.00 0.00 3113_1.jpg 3113_2.jpg 3113_3.jpg 3113_4.jpg                                
3114 SIGNED WILDLIFE PRINT BY ART LAMAY 78/1800 Signed wildlife print titled "Show Biz" by Art LaMAy (American, unknown-present). Numbered 78 of 1800. Framed, measuring 28.5 by 38 inches. 50.00 70.00 0.00 3114_1.jpg 3114_2.jpg                                    
3115 MARCEL DUCHAMP CHOCOLATE GRINDER POSTER-PRINT Marcel Duchamp (French, 1887-1968; Dadaist, Surrealist), "Broyeuse De Chacolat 1914", the chocolate grinder print study for La mariée mise à nu par ses célibataires, même (The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even) also known as Le Grand Verre (The Large Glass) 1915-1923. Reproduction by New York Graphic Society, 23.5 by 17.75 inches, 32 by 29 inches framed and triple matted. Yellowed print aged to appear as the original. Overall in good to very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3115_1.jpg 3115_2.jpg 3115_3.jpg                                  
3116 1937 PRINT J.J. AUDUBON OF BOAT TAILED GRACKLE Print of John James Audubon (1785-1851), print is marked '''By A.Inc.1937 Drawn from Nature by J.J. Audubon F.R.S.F.L.S.'' in the lower left, and ''Engraved, Printed and coloured by A.P.P. Co., Inc. NY Endorsed by The National Association of Audubon Societies'' lower right, and "Boat tailed Grackle Quiscalus Major Vieill Male 1 Female 2 Live Oak" center under print, print measures approximately 20 by 16 inches, frame measures approximately 22.5 by 18.5 inches. Overall in very good condition. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3116_1.jpg 3116_2.jpg 3116_3.jpg                                  
3117 1937 PRINT J.J. AUDUBON OF THE FLORIDA JAY Print of John James Audubon (1785-1851), print is marked '''Florida Jay Male 1 F. 2 Garrulus Floridanus Diospyros Virginiana Vulgo Persimon'' & "Drawn from Nature and Published by John J. Audubon F.R.S's L&E. F.L. S&c." in the lower left, and ''Engraved, Printed and coloured by A.P.P. Co., Inc. NY" lower right, print measures approximately 20 by 16 inches, frame measures approximately 22.5 by 18.5 inches. Overall in very good condition. 30.00 120.00 0.00 3117_1.jpg 3117_2.jpg 3117_3.jpg                                  
3118 STOCK SHOW AND RODEO PRINT SIGNED BUCK TAYLOR Print by Buck Taylor is titled 103rd "Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, January 22- February 7, 1999 Fort Worth, Texas" and measures approximately 25 by 20 inches, 27 by 22 framed. Poster is signed "Buck Taylor 12/25/08. Overall in very good condition. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3118_1.jpg 3118_2.jpg 3118_3.jpg 3118_4.jpg                                
3119 LARRY FODOR PAIR OF LITHOS DREAM KACHINA 4 Pair of Larry Fodor signed lithographs with watercolor highlights. Dream Kachina # 4 – Cloud Maker, dated 1984, numbered 60/95; print area measures 8.75 by 9.75 inches, 16.5 by 17.5 inches framed. Watching the Dancers…After Curtis, dated 1984 and numbered 52/100; print area measures 9.5 by 13.5 inches, 17.5 by 22 inches framed. Both are in matching, modern spring-back frames and both prints are in very good condition. 150.00 350.00 0.00 3119_1.jpg 3119_2.jpg 3119_3.jpg 3119_4.jpg 3119_5.jpg 3119_6.jpg 3119_7.jpg                          
3120 PAIR OF CHINESE HAND-PAINTED SILK SCREENS RED SEAL Pair of Chinese hand-painted silk screens, bird and floral motif, gilded wooden frame (bamboo style). Each panel measures 44 by 20 inches. Paper backing and wire hangers. Chinese characters brushed on front and sealed on lower left back of each. Some loss of paint to edges. Overall, very good condition. 100.00 150.00 0.00 3120_1.jpg 3120_2.jpg 3120_3.jpg 3120_4.jpg 3120_5.jpg 3120_6.jpg 3120_7.jpg 3120_8.jpg                        
3121 AMERICAN EAGLE GIFT CARD IN AMOUNT OF $202.99 Total has been verified online. 175.00 200.00 0.00 3121_1.jpg                                      
3122 GIFT CARDS FOR AMERICAN EAGLE & COACH $129.72 One gift card to American Eagle Outfitters totaling $104.72 and one gift card for Coach totaling $25.00. Amoutns have been verified. Gift cards total $129.72 90.00 110.00 0.00 3122_1.jpg 3122_2.jpg                                    
3123 J.C. PENNY GIFT CARD $210.99 J.C.P. gift card totaling $210.99. Amount verified. 180.00 190.00 0.00 3123_1.jpg                                      
3124 J.C. PENNY GIFT CARDS $176.16 One JCP gift card with $34.32 and one with $141.84. Amounts verifed and total $176.16 120.00 160.00 0.00 3124_1.jpg                                      
3125 2 JCP GIFT CARDS IN AMOUNT OF $277.32 Two JCP gift cards in amount of 277.32 180.00 250.00 0.00 3125_1.jpg                                      
3126 MACY'S GIFT CARDS $130.65 Macy's gift cards, one with $62.05, one with $34.40, and one with $34.20. All cards verified and total $130.65. 0.00 3126_1.jpg                                      
3127 SPORTS AUTHORITY, JOS A BANK, DICKS GIFT CARD $112 Gift card trio. Includes: Sports Authority ($44.58), Jos A Bank ($59.13) and Dick's ($9.13). 80.00 120.00 0.00                                        
3128 MIXED GIFT CARD LOT OF 4 TOTAL OF $106.93 Mixed gift card lot of 4. To include: Bealls ($56.84), Kohl's ($30.09) and two AMC cards ($10 each). Totals have been verified. 80.00 110.00 0.00                                        
3129 GIFT CARD DUO BOOKS A MILLION SAM GOODY $94.83 Gift card duo, totaling $94.83. Includes: Sam Goody ($44.83) and Books A Million ($50.00). Totals have been verified. 70.00 90.00 0.00 3129_1.jpg                                      
3130 SEARS GIFT CARDS IN THE AMOUNT OF $160 Two Sears gift cards, each for $80. Totals have been verified. 125.00 175.00 0.00 3130_1.jpg                                      
3131 5 ROMAN BYZANTINE ANCIENT BRONZE COIN LOT All attributable 40.00 70.00 0.00 3131_1.jpg 3131_2.jpg                                    
3132 JUDEAN BAR KOCHBA REVOLT COIN W 22KT GOLD BEZEL AE24 Bronze Simon the Prince coin, overall weight is 13.5 grams, the mount is pure 22KT gold the coin is estimated at 8.74 grams so roughly 5 grams of gold in the mounting, natural molten gold mounting. 150.00 200.00 0.00 3132_1.jpg 3132_2.jpg 3132_3.jpg                                  
3133 THOMAS JEFFERSON US FIVE-CENT COIN COLLECTION This collection includes 23 stamps and 62 nickels. The nickels stretch from 1938-1999 one nickel for each year. Stamps have a description overall in very good condition. 50.00 100.00 0.00 3133_1.jpg 3133_2.jpg 3133_3.jpg                                  
3134 OVER 6 POUNDS OF UNSEARCHED WHEAT CENT PENNIES Truly unsearched lot from circulation, over six pounds. 50.00 80.00 0.00 3134_1.jpg 3134_2.jpg 3134_3.jpg                                  
3135 OVER 10 LBS OF WORLD COINS & NUMISMATICA Unsearched bag of world coins, U.S. coins tokens and numismatica. 100.00 150.00 0.00 3135_1.jpg 3135_2.jpg 3135_3.jpg 3135_4.jpg                                
3136 BARBER HALF QUARTER DIME COIN LOT $2.55 FACE Date and approximate grade, half dollars1892 near full Liberty VG, 1892-S G, quarters 1895, 1898, 1899-O all G, dimes 1906, 1908, 1910, 1910, 1911, 1912, and 1913, all G. 40.00 80.00 0.00 3136_1.jpg 3136_2.jpg 3136_3.jpg                                  
3137 TWO ROLLS OF FORTY AU TO BU 90% SILVER QUARTERS All eighty quarters look to be 1964. Group comes to a total of $20 face value. 300.00 500.00 0.00 3137_1.jpg 3137_2.jpg                                    
3138 ROLL OF FORTY 90% SILVER QUARTERS $10 FACE VALUE This roll of forty looks to be AU to BU. Years on the quarters 1963-1964. 150.00 250.00 0.00 3138_1.jpg 3138_2.jpg 3138_3.jpg                                  
3139 VINTAGE ALKA DRESDEN LACE PORCELAIN FIGURINE This figurine is vintage Alka Dresden made in Germany, as marked on the bottom. She is in a lavish pink lace dress and in near mint condition. Figure measures at approximately 5 inches in height. 60.00 90.00 0.00 3139_1.jpg 3139_2.jpg 3139_3.jpg                                  
3140 LOT OF TWO PORCELAIN DANCERS 1953 GERMANY DRESDEN Lot of two matching porcelain dancers, both are approximately 9 inches high, both have pink ruffled dresses with intricate detailed work, original manufacturers stamp is present on bottom. Both exhibit damage to the dresses with some chips, but no cracks or major pieces missing, overall in fair condition. 50.00 75.00 0.00 3140_1.jpg 3140_2.jpg 3140_3.jpg 3140_4.jpg 3140_5.jpg                              
3141 FRANKLIN MINT TERESA THE TULIP MAIDEN LLADRO-STYLE 1983 Franklin Mint porcelain "Teresa the Tulip Maiden" measures approximately 7.5 inches high, figure designed by Fulgenico Garcia, one of Lladro's best known modelers. No chips, cracks, or other detractions, overall in very good condition. 50.00 75.00 0.00 3141_1.jpg 3141_2.jpg 3141_3.jpg                                  
3142 LOT OF 2 FRANKLIN MINT FEMALE FIGURINES FRANKLIN MINT CECELIA THE CARNATION MAIDEN AND PATRICIA OF THE PRIMROSES 1) Franklin Mint Cecelia the Carnation Maiden issues 1983; measures approximately 10 inches high, glossy finish, and original franklin mint manufacturing stamp on bottom. 2) Franklin Mint Patricia of the Primroses measures approximately 9.5 inches high, glossy finish, manufacturing stamp is present on bottom. Both are in very good condition, with no chips, cracks, or detractions. 75.00 150.00 0.00 3142_1.jpg 3142_2.jpg 3142_3.jpg 3142_4.jpg 3142_5.jpg 3142_6.jpg 3142_7.jpg                          
3143 FRANKLIN MINT DAHLIA MAIDEN AND CINDERELLA 1) Franklin mint, Dolores, The Dahlia Maiden issued 1984; measures approximately 10.5 inches long by 5.5 inches high. Glossy finish, original Franklin Mint manufacturer’s stamp is present on bottom. Franklin Mint, Cinderella by Gerda Neubacher issued 1988 Measures approximately 10.5 inches high, glossy finish; original manufacturer’s stamp is present on bottom. Both are in very good condition no chips, cracks, or other detractions. 50.00 100.00 0.00 3143_1.jpg 3143_2.jpg 3143_3.jpg 3143_4.jpg 3143_5.jpg 3143_6.jpg                            
3144 VINTAGE IRISH DRESDEN "ANETTE" PORCELAIN FIGURINE This figurine is from the Lilac time collection, the figurine is named "Anette" as marked on the bottom with maker mark. In near mint condition. Measuring 50.00 80.00 0.00 3144_1.jpg 3144_2.jpg 3144_3.jpg 3144_4.jpg                                
3145 VINTAGE IRISH DRESDEN "SYLVIA" PORCELAIN FIGURINE This figurine is named "Sylvia" from the Emerald Collection. It is in near mint condition and measures at approximately 3.5 inches in height. 50.00 70.00 0.00 3145_1.jpg 3145_2.jpg 3145_3.jpg                                  
3146 LLADRO DOCTOR PHYSICIAN MEDICO FIGURE Lladro porceline figure of a tall, slender doctor standing with his hands behind his back. Figure is wearing glasses and a stethoscope around his neck. Measures approximately 14.5 inches by 5 inches by 4 inches. Has no visible signs of damage. Overall in very good condition. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3146_1.jpg 3146_2.jpg 3146_3.jpg 3146_4.jpg                                
3147 LLADRO 4893 A WALK WITH THE DOG Figure is a tall, slender woman wearing Victorian style clothes, holding a small dog and umbrella. Measures approximately 14.5 inches by 5 inches. Has no visible signs of damage. Overall, very good condition. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3147_1.jpg 3147_2.jpg 3147_3.jpg 3147_4.jpg                                
3148 LLADRO 1004 HOW ABOUT ME - FLOWER GIRL WITH DOG Figure is a young girl holding a bundle of flowers and pulling her apron away from a small dog. Issued in 1992. Measures approximately 9.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Figure has been repaired; dog has been glued back on the base. There are no signs of other visable damage. Overall, good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3148_1.jpg 3148_2.jpg 3148_3.jpg 3148_4.jpg                                
3149 LLADRO 4865 EMBROIDERER LADY IN CHAIR SEWING Lladro porcelain figurine, The Embroiderer #4865. Figure is a woman sitting in a chair cross stitching a floral pattern. Measures approximately 11.5 inches by 8 inches. Back of the chair has been repaired, otherwise in very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3149_1.jpg 3149_2.jpg 3149_3.jpg 3149_4.jpg                                
3150 LLARDO OBSTETRICIAN 4763 DOCTOR & NEWBORN RETIRED Lladro Obstetrician # 4763. Issued in 1971 and retired in 1997. Height is 14 inches, gloss finish. This Lladro has the official stamp on the bottom. The obstetrician is holding a baby. The condition is very good with no chips, cracks, crazing or repairs. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3150_1.jpg 3150_2.jpg 3150_3.jpg 3150_4.jpg                                
3151 LLADRO 4542 GROUP OF ANGELS Lladro Group of Angels # 4763. Issued in 1970 and retired in 2005. Height is 7.25 inches by 4.75 inches, gloss finish. This Lladro has the official stamp on the bottom. The condition is very good with no chips, cracks, crazing or repairs. 150.00 250.00 0.00 3151_1.jpg 3151_2.jpg 3151_3.jpg                                  
3152 LLADRO 5548 NAPTIME - GIRL IN HER ROCKING CHAIR Naptime # 5448. Issued in 1987 and retired in 2005. Girl with her doll asleep in a rocking chair. Height is 4.75 inches by 4.75 inches, gloss finish. This Lladro has the official stamp on the bottom. The condition is very good with no chips, cracks, crazing or repairs. 150.00 300.00 0.00 3152_1.jpg 3152_2.jpg 3152_3.jpg                                  
3153 LLADRO 4506 BOY W/ GOAT 4874 BOY & GIRL W/ CANDLE Two Lladro figures. #4506 is of a Shepherd Boy with a Goat on his shoulders and #4874 is a Boy and Girl with a candle. #4506 measures approximately 11 inches in height and #4874 measures approximately 8.5 inches. Both figures have the official Lladro stamp on the bottom. The condition of #4506 is very good with no chips, cracks, crazing or repairs. #4874 has a very slight rough spot on the back of the boy's robe. Overall, both figures are in very good condition. 200.00 400.00 0.00 3153_1.jpg 3153_2.jpg 3153_3.jpg 3153_4.jpg 3153_5.jpg 3153_6.jpg 3153_7.jpg                          
3154 LLADRO 4847 FLOWER ARRANGER- GIRL WITH FLOWERS Lladro figure #4847 is a Japanese woman rearranging a vase of flowers. Has the official Lladro stamp on the bottom. Issued in 1973 and retired in 1998. Measured approximately 8 inches in height. The flowers have been repaired. No other visable damage. Overall, in good condition. 150.00 300.00 0.00 3154_1.jpg 3154_2.jpg 3154_3.jpg 3154_4.jpg 3154_5.jpg                              
3155 LLADRO 4580 MARDI GRAS SLEEPING CLOWN Lladro figure #4580 is a sleeping clown leaning on a post. Measures approximately 11.5 inches in height. The original Lladro stamp is present on the bottom. Other than a signature on the bottom of the base, there is no visible damage. Overall, in very good condition. 300.00 400.00 0.00 3155_1.jpg 3155_2.jpg 3155_3.jpg 3155_4.jpg                                
3156 LLADRO 4678 SHEPHERDESS & 1035 GIRL WITH GEESE 1) LLardo #4678 Shepherdess with Basket and Willow Stick glossy, measures approximately 8.5 inches high. The original Lladro stamp is present on the bottom. Other than a signature on the bottom of the base, there is no visible damage. Overall, in very good condition. 2) Lladro #1035 Girl with Geese (broken and missing goose and stick) glossy, measures approximately 11 inches high. Damage and glue residue present, one goose broken off and missing; permanent marker on the bottom. Otherwise in good condition. 50.00 100.00 0.00 3156_1.jpg 3156_2.jpg 3156_3.jpg 3156_4.jpg 3156_5.jpg 3156_6.jpg 3156_7.jpg 3156_8.jpg                        
3157 LLADRO 4879 HARANGUES LITTLE LADY GLOSSY FINISH Lladro #4879 Harangues little lady glossy finish, measures approximately 12.5 inches high, Lladro original manufacturing stamp is present on the bottom, overall in very good condition, with no chips, cracks, or detractions. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3157_1.jpg 3157_2.jpg 3157_3.jpg                                  
3158 LLADRO 4571 SHEPHERD RESTING Lladro figure #4571 is a young man sitting with two lambs and a dog. Measures approximately 10.5 inches in height. Issued in 1969. No signs of crazing, chips or fractures. Overall, in very good condition. 150.00 300.00 0.00 3158_1.jpg 3158_2.jpg 3158_3.jpg 3158_4.jpg                                
3159 LLADRO YOUNG MAN RESTING ON A BRANCH HOLDING A GUN Lladro figure is of a young man holding a gun resting on a branch. Measures approximately 11 inches in height. Bottom is stamped (only able to read the "RO" and "Made in Spain"). Figure has no signs of visible crazing, fractures or cracks. Overall, very good condition. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3159_1.jpg 3159_2.jpg 3159_3.jpg 3159_4.jpg                                
3160 COLOR VARIETY ANTIQUE EYE WASH CUP LOT OF 21 Antique eye wash cup lot of 21. Late 19th C, early 20th C. Includes: a John Bull green blown glass cup (Pat. Aug. 14. 1917), a red cup marked "R" on bottom, a unmarked light amber cup, a Glasco cobalt blue cup, two milk white cups (one marked "G", one unmarked), two Wyeth cobalt blue cups, and 13 clear glass cups (some marked "G", "M", "A" and some unmarked, various heights). Very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3160_1.jpg 3160_2.jpg 3160_3.jpg 3160_4.jpg                                
3161 2-PC JARDINIERE PLANTER VASE LOT WELLER VICTORIAN Two-piece jardiniere planter vase lot, Weller and Victorian-style. To include: a Weller planter vase with draping rose design on blue background (8 inches diameter and 7 inches tall) (some loss and minor cracks to rim, crazing throughout) and a Victorian style, hand painted Jardiniere planter vase (8 1/2 inches diameter and 7 inches tall) (one hairline crack to rim, crazing throughout). Overall, both pieces in good condition. 50.00 100.00 0.00 3161_1.jpg 3161_2.jpg 3161_3.jpg 3161_4.jpg 3161_5.jpg 3161_6.jpg 3161_7.jpg                          
3162 ROYAL COPENHAGEN 1317 WOMAN KNITTING GLOSSY FINISH Royal Copenhagen Denmark porcelain figurine, #1317 measures approximately 9 inches high, some permanent marker markings on bottom, original Copenhagen manufacturing stamp and model numbers are present. Overall in very good condition no chips, or cracks. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3162_1.jpg 3162_2.jpg 3162_3.jpg 3162_4.jpg 3162_5.jpg                              
3163 ROYAL DOULTON DEBBIE 2385 & ROYAL COPENHAGEN 3689 Royal Doulton Debbie HN#2385 issued 1968, measures approximately 6 inches high, glossy finish, original Doulton manufacturers stamp is present and clear. Royal Copenhagen #3689 Little boy with horn on barrel, approximately 4.5 inches high, glossy finish original Copenhagen manufactures stamp on bottom. Both are in very good condition no chips, cracks or detractions. 75.00 150.00 0.00 3163_1.jpg 3163_2.jpg 3163_3.jpg 3163_4.jpg 3163_5.jpg                              
3164 ROYAL DOULTON SANTA JUG D6668 DOLL & DRUM HANDLE Royal Doulton Large Character Jug Santa with doll & Drum handle, marked D6668. Royal Doulton Tableware LTD. 1981, measuring 7.5 " tall in very good condition. 50.00 100.00 0.00 3164_1.jpg 3164_2.jpg 3164_3.jpg                                  
3165 3 ROYAL DOULTON JUGS D6623 D6429 D6617 Grouping of three Royal Doulton jugs, Golfer D6623 Copr.1970 measuring 7.25 inches, The Poacher D6429 Copr.1954 measuring 6.5 inches with little chip on handle and Lobster Man D6617 Copr.1967. All jugs are in very good condition. 40.00 100.00 0.00 3165_1.jpg 3165_2.jpg 3165_3.jpg 3165_4.jpg                                
3166 ROYAL DOULTON SIMONE 2378 AND THE SKATER 2318 1) Royal Doulton Simone HN#2378 issued 1970 measures approximately 7.5 inches, glossy finish. Original Royal Doulton manufacturer’s stamp is present and clear. 2) Royal Doulton The Skater HN#2318 issued 1953-1971, measures approximately 7.5 inches high, glossy finish. Original manufacturers stamp is present but is partially covered by permanent marker markings on bottom. Both are in very good condition no chips, cracks, or any other detractions. 75.00 150.00 0.00 3166_1.jpg 3166_2.jpg 3166_3.jpg 3166_4.jpg 3166_5.jpg                              
3167 LOT OF 3 ASSORTED PORCELAIN FIGURINES Ballerina with flowers, glossy finish, unmarked. measures approximately 7 inches long and 5 inches high no chips cracks or other detractions, overall in good condition.2)Gerold Porzellan Bavaria boy with four geese holding basket, glossy finish, measures approximately 7 inches high, no chips cracks or other detractions, overall in good condition. 3) MV Irish Dresden Dorothia small girl in white dress with pink trim, matte finish on the dress, glossy finish on the face and hands, measures approximately 5 inches high, some chipping to the back of the dress but otherwise in good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3167_1.jpg 3167_2.jpg 3167_3.jpg 3167_4.jpg 3167_5.jpg 3167_6.jpg 3167_7.jpg 3167_8.jpg                        
3168 VINTAGE EUROPEAN PORCELAIN HORSEDRAWN PLOW Hand-painted vintage European porcelain of a man plowing with two horses. Marked on the bottom with a crown over an "S" and foreign in blue ink. Porcelain measures at 14 inches in length, 7 inches in height and 5.5 inches in width. Condition is near mint. 100.00 150.00 0.00 3168_1.jpg 3168_2.jpg 3168_3.jpg 3168_4.jpg 3168_5.jpg                              
3169 PAIR 20TH CENTURY STAFFORDSHIRE PORCELAIN DOGS Matched pair of 9 inch tall Staffordshire porcelain dogs. Marked "Staffordshire/ Made in England" on bottom in brown oval cartouche. Hand applied brown, black and gold paint. Very good condition with crazing throughout. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3169_1.jpg 3169_2.jpg 3169_3.jpg 3169_4.jpg                                
3170 VINTAGE CORDEY FIGURINE 5054 PORCELAIN LADY Cordey Porcelain lady figurine has rose flowers in her hair and on the sides of her dress, She measures 9 inches tall x 5 inches wide x about 4 1/2 inches deep. Marked Cordey 5054 on the bottom. 60.00 100.00 0.00 3170_1.jpg 3170_2.jpg 3170_3.jpg 3170_4.jpg                                
3171 LADIES STERLING WHITING AND DAVIS MESH BAG Manufactured by Whiting and Davis, this sterling mesh purse made of 2mm rings, 5.5 inches long not including 1.5 inch tassel. Elongated link chain handle. Weight: 85.4 Condition: Very good, three links un-attached near hinges 100.00 140.00 0.00 3171_1.jpg 3171_2.jpg 3171_3.jpg 3171_4.jpg                                
3172 LADIES STERLING LINK BRACELET WITH AMBER CABOCHONS Ten links, with each link featuring one round and one oval shape amber cabochons cut stones. Bright colors; dark honey, light honey, green and light orange. Rounds measure 4mm in diameter, ovals 6x4mm. All stones are bezel set. Size: 7.75 INCHES Weight: 15.7 Condition: Very good. 100.00 160.00 0.00 3172_1.jpg 3172_2.jpg                                    
3173 SMALL LOT OF FIVE SILVER SOUTHWESTERN BRACELETS Three bangle type cuff bracelets, one watch with double strand bracelets, one link bracelet. Stones include turquoise, black onyx, argillite, and Moz garnets. Bezel setting and hand edging labor. Weight: 137.9g Condition: Very good. 225.00 375.00 0.00 3173_1.jpg 3173_2.jpg 3173_3.jpg                                  
3174 LADIES SILVER BALTIC AMBER BRACELET MADE IN POLAND Classic bracelet link design, 17 sterling hinged links, 8x8mm, containing Baltic amber square cushion shape cabochon cut stones, with green, honey and darker orange coloration. Stones are bezel set; no snag. Box clasp with safety chain. Size: 7 INCHES Weight: 12.4g Condition: Very good. 120.00 180.00 0.00 3174_1.jpg 3174_2.jpg                                    
3175 DEALERS LOT 35 COSTUME JEWELRY BRACELETS Huge assortment of 35 bracelets, all costume quality, wide variety of designs and styles. Weight: 730.0G Condition: As is. 80.00 150.00 0.00 3175_1.jpg 3175_2.jpg 3175_3.jpg 3175_4.jpg                                
3176 LADIES 14KT WG COLOR CHANGE SAPPHIRE EARRINGS Measuring 18mm tall, three head dangle style earring, each head containing heart shape color change sapphire, changing from blue to purple. Accented with one full cut diamond on top of earring. Weight: 2.7 Condition: Very good. 190.00 250.00 0.00 3176_1.jpg 3176_2.jpg                                    
3177 LADIES 14KT YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS Round, four post barrel settings, each containing one round brilliant cut diamond, weighing approximately .25ct. Graded H/SI1-2, with good make. approximate total diamond weight: .50cts. Weight: 1.0 Condition: Very good. 350.00 475.00 0.00 3177_1.jpg 3177_2.jpg 3177_3.jpg                                  
3178 SMALL LOT OF SEVEN SILVER TURQUOISE EARRINGS Wide assortment of earrings, southwestern motif, silver hand work and bezel setting. Various grades and colors of turquoise. One pair containing argillite. Stud posts, wires backs and clip backs included in assortment. Weight: 39.8 Condition: Very good. 120.00 200.00 0.00 3178_1.jpg 3178_2.jpg 3178_3.jpg                                  
3179 SMALL LOT 25 COMPLETE PAIRS COSTUME JLRY EARRINGS Wide selection of complete pairs of costume earring, 35 pairs in all. Weight: 255.0 Condition: As is 60.00 100.00 0.00 3179_1.jpg 3179_2.jpg 3179_3.jpg 3179_4.jpg                                
3180 SMALL LOT COSTUME JEWELRY EARRINGS 49 PAIR Nice assortment of costume jewelry earring pairs: 49 complete pairs, various styles, designs and materials. Weight: 425.00 Condition: As is. 80.00 150.00 0.00 3180_1.jpg 3180_2.jpg 3180_3.jpg 3180_4.jpg                                
3181 DEALERS LOT 75 PAIRS OF COSTUME JEWELRY EARRINGS Wide assortment of costume jewelry earrings; 75 complete pairs. Weight: 330g Condition: As is. 150.00 225.00 0.00 3181_1.jpg 3181_2.jpg 3181_3.jpg 3181_4.jpg                                
3182 LADIES SILVER TURQUOISE AND ARGILLITE NECKLACE Abundant matrix within multi color turquoise discs, accented with silver rondelles and filigreed beads, plus rods of argillite. Size: 22 inches Weight: 90.7 Condition: Good. 180.00 250.00 0.00 3182_1.jpg 3182_2.jpg 3182_3.jpg                                  
3183 LADIES SILVER & TURQUOISE SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE Containing twelve matched pieces of dyed turquoise set into silver, using southwestern design techniques. This piece is handmade so it has natural tendencies to have unique imperfection in symmetry, may have some natural patina. Size: 25.0 inch Weight: 80.6g Condition: Very good. 160.00 225.00 0.00 3183_1.jpg 3183_2.jpg                                    
3184 LADIES 16 INCH SILVER BLUE SAPPHIRE NECKLACE This necklace has eight oval cut natural sapphire stones. Necklace is made out of .925 sterling silver. Overall in very good condition. Size: 16 Condition: Very good. 100.00 200.00 80.00 3184_1.jpg 3184_2.jpg                                    
3185 LADIES 17.5 INCH STERLING 41.11 CTW RUBY NECKLACE This .925 sterling silver necklace has seven rubies in it all mounted in .925. Very clean natural rubies. Size: 17.5 Condition: Very good. 100.00 200.00 100.00 3185_1.jpg 3185_2.jpg 3185_3.jpg 3185_4.jpg 3185_5.jpg 3185_6.jpg                            
3186 LADIES 19 INCH STERLING EMERALD & RUBY NECKLACE This necklace is .925 sterling silver, it has 11 emerald and one ruby mounted in .925 sterling silver as well. Very clean to the eye. Size: 19 Condition: Very good. 100.00 200.00 80.00 3186_1.jpg 3186_2.jpg                                    
3187 SMALL LOT 15 COSTUME JEWELRY NECKLACES Fifteen unique designs, different stone type and sizes. Various metals used. Size: VARIOUS Weight: 575.0G Condition: As is. 30.00 50.00 0.00 3187_1.jpg 3187_2.jpg 3187_3.jpg 3187_4.jpg                                
3188 DEALERS LOT 3LBS COSTUME JEWELRY NECKLACE/PENDANTS Three pounds of pendants and necklaces, various styles and designs of costume jewelry. 75 pieces total. Weight: 3LBS Condition: As is. 150.00 225.00 0.00 3188_1.jpg 3188_2.jpg 3188_3.jpg 3188_4.jpg                                
3189 LADIES 530.50 CTTW AMETHST BEAD NECKLACE 18 INCH This amethyst bead necklace has 14mm beads and includes a red presentation bag. Beads have been heated to enhance color. Size: 18 INCHES Condition: Very good. 100.00 200.00 70.00 3189_1.jpg 3189_2.jpg                                    
3190 LADIES 18 INCH GREEN IMPERIAL JADE BEAD NECKLACE Jade necklace with 14mm beads, which are heated to enhance color. Size: 18 inch Condition: Very good. 80.00 160.00 80.00 3190_1.jpg 3190_2.jpg                                    
3191 LDS 14KT YG TANZANITE & DIA PENDANT/ EARRING SET Necklace/slide measures 43mm wide and 30mm high, curves crossing at bottom, containing one natural trillion shape tanzanite, gem quality, 8x8x4.5mm, accented with 14 round brilliant cut diamonds, approximately .33ct total diamond weight. Matching earring, same size tanzanite, .25ct, total diamond weight in earrings. Weight: 14.0 Condition: Excellent. 750.00 1,400.00 750.00 3191_1.jpg 3191_2.jpg 3191_3.jpg 3191_4.jpg                                
3192 LADIES 14KT YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND HEART PENDANT Measuring 18mm wide and 22mm high including bail, this classic heart pendant contains 24 round brilliant cut diamonds, each weighing approximately 02ct., for an approximate total diamond weight of .50cts. Graded H-I/I1, with good make. Size: 18" chain Weight: 3.5 Condition: Very good. 120.00 200.00 0.00 3192_1.jpg 3192_2.jpg 3192_3.jpg                                  
3193 LADIES 14KT YG PANTHER PENDANT W/ DIAMOND & RUBIES Dimensional casting of relaxed hanging panther, sandblast finish, containing 40 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately .01ct., and two round rubies, 1.6mm. approximate total diamond weight: .40cts.. High polish bale. Weight: 5.9g Condition: Very good. One diamond has tiny chip on table; not visible to naked eye. 160.00 200.00 0.00 3193_1.jpg 3193_2.jpg                                    
3194 14K YG/WG 15CT OPAL 6 DIAMONDS .36CTW EGL USA Yellow and white gold pendant, 14k with one 15ct natural opal, and six round brilliant cut diamonds, G-H colour, SI2-I1 clarity and 0.36ctw. The pendant weighs 10.66 grams and measures approximately 2.75 inches long with a width of 1.5 inches. Overall in very good condition. This pendant is appraised by EGL-USA (European Geological Laboratory ). Size: 18.56x15.61x6.45mm 1,400.00 1,800.00 1,400.00 3194_1.jpg 3194_2.jpg 3194_3.jpg                                  
3195 LADIES 10KT YELLOW GOLD EMERALD AND DIAMOND RING Tiered, stair-step design, 10.5mm wide, containing five genuine natural oval shape emeralds, center stone measuring 12 x 5 x 3.6mm, four stones on outside measures approximately 11 x 4.5 x 3mm. All emeralds medium deep green in color, moderate inclusions, sight waxy finish. Also includes ten round single cut diamonds, .01ct each. Size: 7.0 Weight: 3.8 Condition: Very good. 200.00 325.00 0.00 3195_1.jpg 3195_2.jpg 3195_3.jpg                                  
3196 LADIES 14KT YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND COCKTAIL RING Classic triple row tiered stair-step design, containing 27 round full cut diamonds with an approximate total diamond weight of 1.25ct.. Size: 5.0 Weight: 3.3 Condition: Very good; re-finished. 180.00 300.00 0.00 3196_1.jpg 3196_2.jpg 3196_3.jpg                                  
3197 LADIES 14KT YLLOW GOLD DIAMOND COCKTAIL RING Low profile, soft swirl design, containing in center section 15 round full cut diamonds, plus 10 round full cut diamonds, channel set into swirls. Approximate total diamond weight: .75cts. Size: 6.0 Weight: 3.2 Condition: Very good; re-finished 160.00 250.00 0.00 3197_1.jpg 3197_2.jpg 3197_3.jpg                                  
3198 LADIES 10KT WHITE GOLD DIAMOND RING Measuring 7.8mm square, top section contains in center one bezel set square shape princess cut diamond, weighing approximately .10cts, surrounded by 12 round single cut diamonds, plus 12 round single cut diamonds, six on each upper shoulder of ring. All accent stones weigh .015 each, bead set with coin edge trim. Approximate total diamond weight: .40cts Size: 9.25 Weight: 2.1 Condition: Very good; professionally re-finished. 80.00 120.00 0.00 3198_1.jpg 3198_2.jpg 3198_3.jpg                                  
3199 LADIES 14KT YG WHITE SAPPHIRE AND BLACK ONYX RING Hollow back, oval shape mounting16mm wide, 5.5mm thick, containing crescent shape black onyx, accented with three round full cut white sapphires, each weighing approximately .125ct, for approximate total weight of gem stones: .45cts.. Size: 8.0 Weight: 7.2g Condition: Very good; professionally re-finished. 160.00 200.00 0.00 3199_1.jpg 3199_2.jpg 3199_3.jpg                                  
3200 LADIES DAVID YURMAM 18KT YG/STERLING CITRINE RING Classic design by David Yurman, Nobelesse collection, low profile sterling ring containing one 10 x 8mm fantasy step cut cushion shape citrine, deep color, accented with two plates of 18kt yellow gold. Proper markings inside shank. Size: 6.25 Weight: 4.4g Condition: Very good; slight scuffs on facet lines of citrine. 120.00 180.00 0.00 3200_1.jpg 3200_2.jpg 3200_3.jpg                                  
3201 SMALL LOT OF SEVEN SILVER TURQUOISE RINGS All with southwestern designs and styles, containing dyed and non-dyed turquoise, plus one ring containing argillite. All stones bezel set into rings; medium-high labor. Size: VARIOUS Weight: 44.8g Condition: Very good. 150.00 225.00 0.00 3201_1.jpg 3201_2.jpg 3201_3.jpg                                  
3202 SMALL LOT OF SEVEN STERLING FASHION RINGS Seven fashion rings, varied styles and designs, ready to enjoy. Semi-precious stones include; amethyst, citrine, blue topaz, peridot, marcasite. Size: VARIOUS Weight: 33.9g Condition: Very good. 100.00 140.00 0.00 3202_1.jpg 3202_2.jpg                                    
3203 MENS 14KT YELLOW GOLD BOXING GLOVE DIAMOND RING Massive ring, 25mm wide, with high profile of 15mm, top in shape of boxing glove, just under 50 grams, containing 12 full and 22 single cut diamonds, some broken. Size: 11.25 Weight: 49.8 Condition: Good to fair. 2,000.00 2,500.00 2,000.00 3203_1.jpg 3203_2.jpg 3203_3.jpg 3203_4.jpg                                
3204 MENS 14KT YG EMERALD AND DIAMOND "MASTERS" RING Marked "Masters" on one side, "Bil Mar" on other, measuring 20mm x 18.5mm, containing in center one round genuine emerald, deep green color, naturally included, measuring 5.8mm in diameter, set and glued into bezel, accented by eight round full cut diamonds, each weighing approximately .04cts, approximate total diamond weight: .35ct. Size: 10.75 Weight: 24.3 Condition: Good. 1,000.00 1,500.00 1,000.00 3204_1.jpg 3204_2.jpg 3204_3.jpg 3204_4.jpg                                
3205 SMALL LOT TEN ASSORTED BELT BUCKLES Ten different belt buckles, two military type, four replica hand engraved type. Weight: 450.0G Condition: As is. 40.00 60.00 0.00 3205_1.jpg 3205_2.jpg 3205_3.jpg 3205_4.jpg                                
3206 DEALERS LOT COSTUME JEWELRY FINDINGS/ASSOSRTMENT Assorted pieces of costume jewelry; earring backs, pendants without chains, single earrings, etc.. Weight: 2LBS Condition: As is. 30.00 60.00 0.00 3206_1.jpg 3206_2.jpg 3206_3.jpg 3206_4.jpg                                
3207 8.04CT NATURAL CHRYSOBERYL CAT'S EYE EGL USA It has a strong brown-greenish color and is cabochon shape/cut. Appraised by EGL USA (European Gemological Laboratory). Size: 12.67X9.84X7.57 MM Weight: 8.04 Condition: Very Good 1,300.00 1,500.00 1,268.00 3207_1.jpg 3207_2.jpg 3207_3.jpg                                  
3208 6.74CT NATURAL CHRYSOBERYL CAT'S EYE EGL USA It has a strong brown greenish-yellow color cabochon. This stone is appraised by EGL-USA (European Gemological Laboratory). Size: 11.64X9.12X7.76 MM Weight: 6.74CT Condition: Very Good. 1,500.00 3,000.00 1,466.00 3208_1.jpg 3208_2.jpg 3208_3.jpg                                  
3209 SMALL LOT OF 30 VINTAGE KEYCHAINS Wide assortment of vintage and current designs and styles. 30 pieces in all. No keys included. Weight: 700.0G Condition: AS IS 10.00 100.00 0.00 3209_1.jpg 3209_2.jpg 3209_3.jpg                                  
3210 SMALL LOT GOLD FILLED AND PLATED PINS/BROOCHES Wide assortment of lapels pins and ladies brooches. 42 pieces in all, varied designs, materials, shapes and sizes. Weight: 290.0 Condition: Very good. 10.00 30.00 0.00 3210_1.jpg 3210_2.jpg 3210_3.jpg 3210_4.jpg                                
3211 4.22 CT ROUND BRILLIANT CUT BLACK DIAMOND This 4.22 ct round brilliant cut black diamond comes with a certificate from Matrix Gemological Lab. Overall in very good condition. Size: 10.56 by 10.55 by 6.44 mm Condition: Very good. 250.00 500.00 250.00 3211_1.jpg 3211_2.jpg                                    
3212 NATURAL BLUE LAPIS 1347 CT WITH GOLD HIGHLIGHTS This is a very large blue lapis with streaks of gold highlights. Measures approximately 3.25 by 2.5 inches. Overall in very good condition. Size: 3.25 by 2.5 Weight: 1347 Condition: Very good. 100.00 200.00 80.00 3212_1.jpg 3212_2.jpg 3212_3.jpg                                  
3213 58.59 CT BI COLOR AMETRINE EMERALD CUT This bicolor ametrine two main colors are purple and gold. It has a emerald cut and has been heated to enhance color. Very clean to the eye. Weight: 58.59 Condition: Very good. 80.00 160.00 70.00 3213_1.jpg 3213_2.jpg                                    
3214 LOOSE 118 CT OVAL CUT EMERALD Emerald comes with identification report from Gemological Laboratory of India. Report says Oval mixed cut, 118 cts, 40 by 28 by 11 mm, green, with fingerprint inclusions. Overall very clean to the eye. Size: 40 by 28 by 11 mm Condition: Good to very good. 100.00 200.00 90.00 3214_1.jpg 3214_2.jpg 3214_3.jpg                                  
3215 LOOSE 153 CT NATURAL BLUE SAPPHIRE OVAL CUT This oval cut 153 ct sapphire comes with a identification report from Gemological Laboratory of India. It has fingerprint inclusions and has a very dark blue look to it. Size: 38 by 28 by 15 mm Condition: Good to very good 0.00 3215_1.jpg 3215_2.jpg 3215_3.jpg                                  
3216 LOOSE 110 CT NATURAL RUBY PEAR CUT This pear cut 110 ct ruby comes with a gem identification report from Gemological Laboratory of India. It has fingerprint inclusions and a solid red color to it. Measures 37 by 24 by 11 mm. Size: 37 by 24 by 11mm Condition: Very good condition. 100.00 200.00 90.00 3216_1.jpg 3216_2.jpg 3216_3.jpg                                  
3217 LOOSE 3.25CT CERTIFIED NATURAL AQUAMARINE OVAL CUT This oval cut 3.25 ct natural unheated aquamarine comes with a brief report from Chanthaburi Gemological Laboratory . Measures 8.51 by 11.05 by 5.52 mm. Size: 8.51 by 11.05 by 5.52 mm Condition: Good to very good. 100.00 200.00 90.00 3217_1.jpg 3217_2.jpg                                    
3218 LOOSE 43.73 CT BLUE TOPAZ PEAR SHAPE FANTASY CUT This 43.73 blue topaz pear shape fantasy cut measures 22.94 by 21.67 by 10.10 mm has been routinely irradiated. Very clean to the eye. Size: 22.94 by 21.67 by 10.10 Condition: Very good. 150.00 250.00 130.00 3218_1.jpg 3218_2.jpg                                    
3219 LOOSE 360.45CT MUSEUM SIZE FANCY OVAL CUT AMETHYST This amethyst has a very strong purple hue, very clean to the eye. Measures approximately 52.52 by 45 by 25.22 mm. Size: 52.52 by 45 by 25.22 mm Condition: Very good. 300.00 400.00 260.00 3219_1.jpg 3219_2.jpg 3219_3.jpg                                  
3220 DEEP GREEN TOURMALINE 7.70 CT BAGUETTE CUT This forest green 7.70 ct tourmaline is unheated very clean to the eye and measures approximately 16.93 by 8.92 by 5.66 mm. Size: 16.93 by 8.92 by 5.66 mm Condition: Very good. 150.00 250.00 150.00 3220_1.jpg 3220_2.jpg                                    
3221 LOOSE 1.819 CT OVAL CUT TANZANITE Gemstone comes with identification result from Emil Gem Laboratory. It has a very clean blue/violet look to it. Measures 6.92 by 8.92 by 4.39 mm. Size: 6.92 by 8.92 by 4.39 mm Weight: 1.819 ct Condition: Very good. 150.00 300.00 150.00 3221_1.jpg 3221_2.jpg 3221_3.jpg                                  
3222 LOOSE 147.50 CT LEMON YELLOW CITRINE OVAL CUT This large oval cut lemon yellow citrine is very clean to the eye. Measures approximately 38 by 29.6 by 21.65 mm. Overall in good condition. Size: 38 by 29.6 by 21.65 mm Condition: Very good. 100.00 200.00 95.00 3222_1.jpg 3222_2.jpg                                    
3223 LOOSE 4.05 CT OVAL CUT RUBY This ruby comes with a brief report with a comment that says "Indications of moderate clarity modification. Lead glass has been identified as the filler". Measures 8 by 9.76 by 5.61 mm. Size: 8 by 9.76 by 5.61 mm Condition: Very good. 120.00 200.00 120.00 3223_1.jpg 3223_2.jpg 3223_3.jpg                                  
3224 LARGE LOOSE AMETHYST 346.6 CT OVAL CUT This large oval cut amethyst measures approximately 61.36 by 45.9 by 20.95 mm. Very clean to the eye. Size: 61.36 by 45.9 by 20.95 mm Condition: Very good. 200.00 300.00 160.00 3224_1.jpg 3224_2.jpg                                    
3225 DEALERS LOT OF MIXED GEMSTONES 101 CTW Group of 43 stones mixed gemstones. All are different cuts and size. Condition varies from good to very good. Condition: Very good. 100.00 200.00 80.00 3225_1.jpg 3225_2.jpg 3225_3.jpg                                  
3226 DEALERS LOT OF BLUE TOPAZ 62.5 CTW 52 STONES This group of 52 stones that have 62.5 ctw are all different cut and sizes. Condition: Very good. 100.00 200.00 60.00 3226_1.jpg 3226_2.jpg                                    
3227 READY TO SET PEAR CUT 1.09 CT GREEN GARNET This garnet has been heated to enhance color. Measures approximately 8.29 by 5.3 by 3.2 mm. Condition: Very good. 100.00 200.00 80.00 3227_1.jpg 3227_2.jpg                                    
3228 LOOSE 9.19 CT OVAL CUT HEATED RUBY This ruby has been heated to enhance color and measures approximately 15 by 11.66 by 4.55 mm. Size: 15 by 11.66 by 4.55 mm Condition: Very good. 100.00 200.00 100.00 3228_1.jpg 3228_2.jpg                                    
3229 3 STONE PARCEL 5.94 CTW PERIDOT, OPAL, & TANZANITE This group includes one 3.16 ct peridot that measures approximately 10.97 by 8.1 by 4.75 mm, one 1.39 ct rainbow opal that measures approximately 11.74 by 8.1 by 3.06 mm, and one 1.36 ct tanzanite that measures approximately 8.86 by 6.79 by 3.5 mm. Condition: Very good. 120.00 200.00 120.00 3229_1.jpg 3229_2.jpg                                    
3230 DEALERS LOT LOOSE ROUND DIAMONDS 2.42CTS T.W. Several dozen stones, mostly full cut, a few single cut. Mostly all white and eye clean. Weight: 2.42 CTS TW Condition: AS IS. 375.00 600.00 0.00 3230_1.jpg                                      
3231 SMALL LOT LOOSE BLUE SAPPHIRE ASSORTMENT Twelve size and color matched oval deep blue sapphires, 6x4mm. 31 other, higher color graded, medium to light blue sapphires, assortment of shapes. Just under 12 carats total weight. Weight: 11.97 CARATS TOTAL WEIGHT Condition: Very good. 50.00 100.00 0.00 3231_1.jpg 3231_2.jpg 3231_3.jpg                                  
3232 SMALL LOT COSTUME JEWELRY NECKLACES/STRANDS Forty unique necklaces and strands, varying lengths and styles. Assortment of stones and materials. Over 2.7 pounds of costume jewelry. Weight: 2.73 pounds Condition: Good; as is. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3232_1.jpg 3232_2.jpg 3232_3.jpg                                  
3233 MENS/LADIES BALTIC AMBER BEAD NECKLACE Large necklace strung with 68 Baltic amber beads, carved into pointed rondells, smallest measuring 14mm, largest measuring 49mm. Brighter orange in color, waxy finish. Strung on cord. Size: 68 inches Weight: 587.0 G Condition: Good; some mars and scuffs, few dents. 200.00 300.00 0.00 3233_1.jpg 3233_2.jpg 3233_3.jpg                                  
3234 LADIES/MENS STRAND AMBER BEADS Large necklace strung with 69 Baltic amber beads, carved into pointed rondells, smallest measuring 14.5mm, largest measuring 4mm. Brighter orange in color, waxy finish. Strung on cord. Size: Approx. 50 inches Weight: 606.0 Condition: Good; a few scuffs on beads. 200.00 300.00 0.00 3234_1.jpg 3234_2.jpg 3234_3.jpg                                  
3235 DEALERS LOT MISC. WATCHES AND WATCH PARTS Group of watches, best used for parts or findings. Weight: 400.0g Condition: As is. 40.00 80.00 0.00 3235_1.jpg 3235_2.jpg 3235_3.jpg 3235_4.jpg                                
3236 DEALERS LOT 23 VINTAGE WATCH CRYSTALS Nine rectangular ladies, one oval ladies, seven round men's plastic and six round men's glass including onion skin for pocket watch. Size: various Weight: N/A Condition: Good 10.00 100.00 0.00 3236_1.jpg 3236_2.jpg 3236_3.jpg                                  
3237 DEALERS LOT LOOSE RUBIES 55.97CT TW Nice color matching; 166 round and oval shape rubies, medium deep red color with slight purple tinting. Ready to set into mountings. Weight: 55.97 CT TW Condition: Some stones scuffed and/or slightly chipped... sold as is. 250.00 325.00 0.00 3237_1.jpg 3237_2.jpg                                    
3238 SMALL LOT VINTAGE MECHANICAL WATCH MOVEMENTS Two men's 17jewel movements; Elgin and Benrus. Three ladies Timex movements. Eight ladies 17 jewel movements; two Helbros, one Universal Geneve, five common ladies movements, three ladies 23 jewel movements; one Waltham, one Bulova, one Hamilton. Sixteen pieces in all. All but two have stem and crown. Weight: 77.2 Condition: AS IS 30.00 120.00 0.00 3238_1.jpg 3238_2.jpg 3238_3.jpg 3238_4.jpg                                
3239 DEALERS LOT 28 WRISTWATCHES FOR PARTS Some name brands, mostly not. Ready to harvest for parts. 28 pieces in all. Weight: 900.0g Condition: as is. 30.00 140.00 0.00 3239_1.jpg 3239_2.jpg 3239_3.jpg                                  
3240 R. BLACKINTON & CO SPRING LOADED COIN HOLDER .925 The company was founded by Walter Ballou and Roswell Blackinton at North Attleboro MA in 1862 and continued as R. Blackinton & Co. until 1967. The spring in the nickel holder is stuck but the dime spring is still functional. The front of the case is marked "ALG" initials. Still includes sterling chain. Measures approximately 3.5 by 2.5 inches, and weighs approximately 83 grams. Overall in very good condition. . Weight: 23g 200.00 300.00 0.00 3240_1.jpg 3240_2.jpg 3240_3.jpg                                  
3241 5 ANTIQUE 1913 STERLING & BRONZE RUNNING MEDALS Includes Portola Athletic Championships 1913 sterling two mile run medal watch fob, sterling Caledonia Club fob, 1914 bronze and gold medal of merit, bronze 1913 Olympic Club 3000 yard run, sterling 1913 Indian Head cross country pin. . Size: john 40.00 80.00 0.00 3241_1.jpg 3241_2.jpg                                    
3242 VINTAGE STERLING GEORG JENSEN SPOON Hand wrought by Georg Jensen, earliest maker's mark dating piece 1904-1908, mid-size serving/sugar spoon. Pea pod, or, leaf and berry design. . Size: 130mm Long . Weight: 33.6g . Condition: Very good. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3242_1.jpg 3242_2.jpg 3242_3.jpg 3242_4.jpg 3242_5.jpg                              
3243 ENAMELED STERLING SILVER CIGARETTE CASE Black enameled cigarette case with gold vermeil interior. Marked on inside of each half with "81", one side marked with unidentified makers mark. 2.75 by 3.5 inches. Restraining elastic is in place. "Louise" is scrolled on inside. Very good condition. 94.9 grams. 100.00 200.00 100.00 3243_1.jpg 3243_2.jpg                                    
3244 19TH CENTURY GEOLOGICAL MAP OF ENGLAND FRAMED Geological map of England, 1865, framed. Black and white graphics surrounding colored base. Framed and matted, measures 21.5 inches by 17 inches. Good condition. Opened and taped paper backing. Sticker on back dated 1865, reads "By ME. Bertin. Purchased: 12/02 London England (Portabello Road)." 10.00 80.00 0.00 3244_1.jpg 3244_2.jpg 3244_3.jpg 3244_4.jpg                                
3245 2 PHOTO ALBUMS FULL OF MAGAZINE PLANE CLIPPINGS Photo albums are full of vintage magazine clips of photos and drawings of military planes. Overall in very good condition. 100.00 150.00 100.00 3245_1.jpg 3245_2.jpg 3245_3.jpg 3245_4.jpg 3245_5.jpg                              
3246 AMERICAN ANTI-SOVIET COLD WAR CBR PROPAGANDA American bi-lingual (English and Russian) anti-Soviet CBR (Chemical, Biological, Radiological) propaganda poster outlining “Present-Day Means of Destruction from the Air” “AE GTA 30 – 59 Rewvised Feb 1966” offset lithograph 52 by 39.5 cm with pinholes at edges, otherwise, very good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3246_1.jpg 3246_2.jpg 3246_3.jpg 3246_4.jpg 3246_5.jpg                              
3247 SPANISH AMERICAN WAR PATRIOTIC STONE ADVERT CARDS Three Spanish American War admiral Dewey patriotic stone cards with $1, $10 and $50, used for advertising. 20.00 80.00 0.00 3247_1.jpg 3247_2.jpg 3247_3.jpg                                  
3248 METAL DETECTOR REVOLUTIONARY & CIVIL WAR DUG FINDS Bonanza lot of more than can be described dug artifacts, many are described and were dealer lots, some highlights include a Rev war oval hole double sided ax blade, gun lock plates, axe heads, buttons some with back marks, and so much truly unsearched items, a very useful group. 150.00 250.00 0.00                                        
3249 BUST OF NAPOLEON BONAPARTE MARKED AEK Bust is marked "AEK" on it's backside. Minor scratches are present to the bust along with some show of age; overall in very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3249_1.jpg 3249_2.jpg 3249_3.jpg 3249_4.jpg                                
3250 WOODEN BOX MARKED TAG DER WEHRMACHT Small wooden box is marked " Kriegswinterhilfswerk 1941, Tag Der Wehrmacht". Show of age is present to box along with some scratches and discoloring. Chess pieces are present within the box. Overall in good to very good condition. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3250_1.jpg 3250_2.jpg 3250_3.jpg 3250_4.jpg 3250_5.jpg                              
3251 GREEN GERMAN NAZI BOX MARKED 1942 Some wear present to interior cloth; overall in very good condition. 100.00 150.00 100.00 3251_1.jpg 3251_2.jpg 3251_3.jpg 3251_4.jpg 3251_5.jpg                              
3252 GERMAN WWII-ERA BRONZE BUST OF ADOLF HITLER Bust has some minor scratches; overall in very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3252_1.jpg 3252_2.jpg 3252_3.jpg 3252_4.jpg                                
3253 HITLER YOUTH CIGARETTE CASE MARKED HL Cigarette case is marked "HL" and features some show of age. Case is discolored and stained; overall in good condition. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3253_1.jpg 3253_2.jpg 3253_3.jpg                                  
3254 GERMAN WWII-ERA HUNTING GOBLET MARKED BAD REINERZ Hunting Goblet is marked "Bad Reinerz, 1932". Some tarnishing and show of age is present; overall in good to very good condition. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3254_1.jpg 3254_2.jpg 3254_3.jpg 3254_4.jpg 3254_5.jpg                              
3255 AUSWEIS OF AN SS GUARD AT RAVENSBRUCK CAMP Identification card of Paula Hackel a Guar at Ravensbruck concentration camp. 30.00 120.00 0.00 3255_1.jpg 3255_2.jpg                                    
3256 AUWEIS IDENTIFICATION CARD FOR WILHELM PFEIFFER Ausweis identification card for Wilhelm Pfeiffer. Printed signature of Himmler on the back of the document. Overall in very good condition. 30.00 120.00 0.00 3256_1.jpg 3256_2.jpg                                    
3257 WWII GERMAN PHOTOS TANK HALF TRACK & GROUP PHOTO This group includes one photograph of SdKfz 251 mittlerer Schützenpanzerwagen half track parked with the front wheels off the ground, one photograph of a tank with a group of German solders after fighting the Russians comes with the description in German on the back, and one group photo of German NCOs and enlisted troops, probably made after they finished training school (early Waffenrockk tunics. All photographs are in good condition. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3257_1.jpg 3257_2.jpg 3257_3.jpg 3257_4.jpg 3257_5.jpg                              
3258 43 CONCENTRATION CAMP PHOTOGRAPHS MARKED REDEEMED Some yellowing and bending present; overall in good to very good condition. 200.00 250.00 200.00 3258_1.jpg 3258_2.jpg 3258_3.jpg 3258_4.jpg                                
3259 106 VARIOUS PHOTOGRAPHS OF ADOLF HITLER Some yellowing and bending present; overall in good to very good condition. 100.00 200.00 100.00 3259_1.jpg 3259_2.jpg 3259_3.jpg 3259_4.jpg                                
3260 WWII-ERA GERMAN NAZI TEA SET MARKED WELLNER Some tarnishing present; overall in good condition. 60.00 160.00 0.00 3260_1.jpg 3260_2.jpg 3260_3.jpg 3260_4.jpg 3260_5.jpg 3260_6.jpg                            
3261 ADOLF HITLER LIEBSTANDARTE SS TRAY Tray is marked "Flats Der Liebstandarte SS Adolf Hitler". Discoloring and rust is present; overall in good condition. 100.00 150.00 100.00 3261_1.jpg 3261_2.jpg 3261_3.jpg                                  
3262 TWO IMPERIAL GERMAN PRINTS OF SOLDIERS The first print is of a soldier (colored in) standing in front of a group of soldiers and what looks to be a wagon and base (not colored). The other depicts what looks to be Imperial Russian & Imperial German Calvary fight. Both are in good to very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3262_1.jpg 3262_2.jpg 3262_3.jpg 3262_4.jpg 3262_5.jpg 3262_6.jpg                            
3263 WWII-ERA MAP OF EUROPE IN BINDER STYLE CASE Some creasing and discoloring present; overall in good to very good condition. 60.00 150.00 0.00 3263_1.jpg 3263_2.jpg 3263_3.jpg 3263_4.jpg 3263_5.jpg                              
3264 AUSWEIS OF AN SS GUARD OF DACHAU CAMP Identification card Karl-Heinz Scheel a guard at the concentration camp Dachau. Overall in very good condition. 30.00 120.00 0.00 3264_1.jpg 3264_2.jpg                                    
3265 AUSWEIS IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT OF AN SS MAN Back of document contains a printed signature of Himmler. Overall in very good condition. 40.00 120.00 0.00 3265_1.jpg 3265_2.jpg                                    
3266 MAX GRACE WAFFEN SS SNIPER 1944 Print measures approximately 21 by 17 inches, 32 by 28 framed. Print is marked "Max Grace 1988" and "Waffen-SS sniper Eastern front 1944". Overall in very good condition. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3266_1.jpg 3266_2.jpg 3266_3.jpg                                  
3267 WWII PERIOD SPOONS WITH VOLKSWAGON WORKERS MARK Six WWII period spoons with Volkswagon workers stamp. Some tarnishing present; overall in good to very good condition. 100.00 150.00 0.00 3267_1.jpg 3267_2.jpg 3267_3.jpg 3267_4.jpg 3267_5.jpg 3267_6.jpg 3267_7.jpg 3267_8.jpg 3267_9.jpg                      
3268 SET OF SIX FORKS MARKED SS REICH Set of six forks marked "SS,Reich." Some tarnishing is present; overall in very good condition. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3268_1.jpg 3268_2.jpg                                    
3269 2 WWII SOVIET RECON PHOTOGRAPHS OF ANTI-TANK GUNS This pair of WWII Soviet intelligence recon training photographs are of German Pak 43 field guns. Soviet Russian notations on reverse "Photo Laboratory" and more that hand writing. Overall in good condition. 50.00 100.00 0.00 3269_1.jpg 3269_2.jpg 3269_3.jpg 3269_4.jpg                                
3270 39 PHOTOGRAPHS OF RUSSIANS UNCOVERING MASS GRAVES Photos are marked "Redeemed" on the back. Some yellowing and bending present; overall in good to verty good condition. 150.00 250.00 150.00 3270_1.jpg 3270_2.jpg 3270_3.jpg 3270_4.jpg 3270_5.jpg                              
3271 TWO MILITARY REFERENCE BOOKS Two military research reference books. "The Japanese War Machine" and "Forged in Steel: US Marine Corps Aviation". Both in very good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3271_1.jpg 3271_2.jpg                                    
3272 CIVIL WAR WISCONSIN NG VETERAN REUNION 1909 PHOTO Framed Eau Claire Encampment 1909, 13x15 inch original photograph, hand written description at top. 100.00 150.00 0.00 3272_1.jpg 3272_2.jpg 3272_3.jpg 3272_4.jpg 3272_5.jpg                              
3273 DECORATIVE MARK V BRASS DIVER'S HELMET Decorative 1980's replica of a US Navy Mark V diving helmet. Helmet stands approximately 18 inches tall, 17 inches from front to back, and 18 inches from side to side at its widest point. Very clean to the eye overall in very good condition. 200.00 300.00 0.00 3273_1.jpg 3273_2.jpg 3273_3.jpg 3273_4.jpg                                
3274 WWII AMERICAN GI PHOTOGRAPHS AND BRING BACKS This group comes from an American GI engineer. Twenty seven photographs in total, and include GI's building bridges and make shift pontoon bridges, also GI's in their down time waiting in line for food, living situations under tents (including one photograph of a tent camp site). This group also includes two photographs of explosions on a roadside (possibly a bridge), there are also many photographs of German towns, railways and countryside. A few of the bring back items include Lather Leaves, one Greetings Service Man booklet from Y.M.C.A. & Salvation Army, one piece of German currency, and two "battle" order booklets from Lieutenant General Bradley about what to do now that we are on German soil. Overall entire group is in good condition. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3274_1.jpg 3274_2.jpg 3274_3.jpg 3274_4.jpg 3274_5.jpg 3274_6.jpg                            
3275 2 WWII US SIGNAL CORPS PHOTOGRAPHS OF EXPLOSIONS This pair of photographs from U.S. Army Signal Corps PFC C F Colwell show bazooka and artillery shell strikes on a house that harbored German Snipers. Information about the photographs are stamped on the back. They are also stamped "Passed For Publications 108". Photographs are 8 by 10 and are overall in good condition. 100.00 200.00 60.00 3275_1.jpg 3275_2.jpg 3275_3.jpg 3275_4.jpg 3275_5.jpg                              
3276 4 WWII US ARMY TRAINING PHOTOGRAPHS "CONFIDENTIAL" This group of four U.S. training photographs are of German Ordnance and equipment. All photographs are marked on reverse "Confidential Until reclassified by Censor". Photographs include one fuse set for SMI 35 "Bouncing Betty" mines, wooden mines that could not be detected by regular mine detector, German plate mines with a brief description of weight and how they were used by the Germans, and one of 15cm Heavy Inf Gun. All photographs are in good condition. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3276_1.jpg 3276_2.jpg 3276_3.jpg 3276_4.jpg 3276_5.jpg                              
3277 GROUP OF WWII UNITED STATES AIR CORPS PHOTOGRAPHS This group includes two group pictures of pilots one taking in New York on January 15th 1944, and one taken on July 4th 1944. Also included five pictures of parked airplanes some with descriptions on the back, than there are four duplicate photographs of planes flying in formation, two U.S. Army Air Corps patches, one sticker, and one post card of a Pilot sitting in a chair. Overall condition varies from fair to good. 100.00 300.00 100.00 3277_1.jpg 3277_2.jpg 3277_3.jpg                                  
3278 9 WWII AIR MINISTRY PHOTOS NAVAL SHIPS SINKING A.M. reverse stamped original press photos, 8 by 10, Naval combat ships sinking. 30.00 150.00 0.00 3278_1.jpg 3278_2.jpg 3278_3.jpg 3278_4.jpg 3278_5.jpg 3278_6.jpg                            
3279 15 WWII WEFTUP AIRCRAFT RECOGNITION 18 X 24 POSTER All posters are visually good to very good but each has tears, some minor less than an inch some more significant, U.S., USSR, Japan, Germany, and Italy are represented. 80.00 150.00 0.00 3279_1.jpg 3279_2.jpg 3279_3.jpg                                  
3280 4 DIFFERENT VIETNAM-ERA LOTTERY TICKETS DATED 1964 Vietnamese lottery tickets all dated 1964. Lottery tickets come packaged within a plastic sleeve. Overall in very good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3280_1.jpg 3280_2.jpg 3280_3.jpg                                  
3281 HOWITZER ARTILLERY 1960 DEDICATED PLATED TRAY In Alpacca silver by "JP". 25.5 by 17 inches. Dedication reads "EWO and Mrs. Davis J. Brinson/ from the Officers and Ladies of the/ 2nd Howitzer Battalion, 3rd Artillery/ Butzbach, Germany/ 1960". 40.00 80.00 0.00 3281_1.jpg 3281_2.jpg 3281_3.jpg                                  
3282 EAST GERMAN AIR FORCE PILOT UNIFORM & ARMBAND Fairly large size about a U.S. 42, new condition pilot officer uniform, tunic and trousers, shoulder and collar insignia, arm band and shoulder cord. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3282_1.jpg 3282_2.jpg 3282_3.jpg 3282_4.jpg 3282_5.jpg 3282_6.jpg 3282_7.jpg 3282_8.jpg                        
3283 GROUPING OF 3 REPRODUCTION NAZI BELT BUCKLES Grouping includes Hitler Youth, Totenkopf, and Enlisted belt buckles. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3283_1.jpg 3283_2.jpg                                    
3284 GERMAN WWII SILVER SWASTIKA BRACELET Bracelet weighs approximately 22.7 grams and features an oak leaf design around Swastikas. Overall in very good condition. 150.00 250.00 0.00 3284_1.jpg 3284_2.jpg                                    
3285 WWII GERMAN PEBBLED BUTTONS FIELD GREY & SILVER Ten pebbled field grey buttons marked "P.C. &Co 22 m/m" on reverse, and nine pebbled silver buttons marked "P.C. &Co 22 m/m". Overall in very good condition. 10.00 50.00 0.00 3285_1.jpg 3285_2.jpg                                    
3286 WWII GERMAN QUALITY REPRODUCTION SS CAP JANKE Reproduction of an Allgemeine SS Generals cap, by Janke. Large size 60. Very good condition. Great for uniform display or movie costume. 250.00 350.00 250.00 3286_1.jpg 3286_2.jpg 3286_3.jpg 3286_4.jpg                                
3287 DETAILED REPRODUCTION OF HITLERS WHITE DRESS CAP Accurately detailed reproduction of Adolf Hitler's white dress cap. Made by Janke in Germany. Very good condition. Tagged size 60 on inside. 250.00 400.00 250.00 3287_1.jpg 3287_2.jpg 3287_3.jpg 3287_4.jpg                                
3288 WWII ADOLPH HITLER ENAMELED RING RZM MARKED Ring is a size 11 and weighs approximately 6 grams. Some minor tarnishing is present; overall in very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3288_1.jpg 3288_2.jpg 3288_3.jpg                                  
3289 WWII NSDAP SWASTIKA ENAMELED RING WITH MAKERS MARK Ring is a size 10 and weighs approximately 3.5 grams. Overall in very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3289_1.jpg 3289_2.jpg 3289_3.jpg                                  
3290 GERMAN NAZI WWII TOTENKOPF ENAMELED RING Ring is a size 8 and weighs approximately 7.3 grams. Overall in very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3290_1.jpg 3290_2.jpg 3290_3.jpg                                  
3291 NAZI WWII ANTI-BRITISH CAMPAIGN RING ENAMELED Ring is a size 7 and weighs approximately 3.2 grams. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3291_1.jpg 3291_2.jpg 3291_3.jpg 3291_4.jpg 3291_5.jpg                              
3292 GERMAN NAZI WWII SS ENAMELED SILVER RING Ring is a size 10 and weighs approximately 8 grams. Overall in very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3292_1.jpg 3292_2.jpg 3292_3.jpg 3292_4.jpg                                
3293 GERMAN NAZI WWII KRIM CAMPAIGN SILVER RING Ring is a size 10 and weighs approximately 6.4 grams. Overall in very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3293_1.jpg 3293_2.jpg 3293_3.jpg 3293_4.jpg                                
3294 GERMAN WWII TOTENKOPF WATCH WITH REPLACE STRAP Original watch with replacement strap. Overall in very good condition. 100.00 200.00 100.00 3294_1.jpg 3294_2.jpg 3294_3.jpg 3294_4.jpg                                
3295 GERMAN WWII SS WRIST WATCH WITH REPLACED STRAP Original watch with replaced strap. Overall in very good condition. 100.00 200.00 100.00 3295_1.jpg 3295_2.jpg 3295_3.jpg                                  
3296 WWII GERMAN SS TOTENKOMPF WRIST WATCH May contain original parts, but has been modified. Overall in very good condition. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3296_1.jpg 3296_2.jpg 3296_3.jpg                                  
3297 MIXED GROUPING OF 2 REPRODUCTION NAZI ACCESSORIES Set includes a whistle marked "SS" and 1 razor with the Luftwaffe insignia that comes within it's original case. Overall in very good condition. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3297_1.jpg 3297_2.jpg 3297_3.jpg 3297_4.jpg 3297_5.jpg                              
3298 WWII BRING BACK NETHERLANDS FLAG This Netherlands flag measures approximately 87.5 by 82 inches. White of the flag has many stains. Overall in good condition. 40.00 80.00 0.00 3298_1.jpg 3298_2.jpg 3298_3.jpg 3298_4.jpg                                
3299 WWII SWISS ARMY HELMET WITH LINER & CHIN STRAP This helmet shows some wear with scratches and dings. Inside liner and chinstrap are in very good condition. Overall in very good condition. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3299_1.jpg 3299_2.jpg 3299_3.jpg 3299_4.jpg 3299_5.jpg 3299_6.jpg                            
3300 CIVIL WAR ENLISTED INFANTRY HAT CORD LOT OF 3 Three civil war enlisted infantry hat cords in very good condition. 40.00 60.00 0.00 3300_1.jpg 3300_2.jpg 3300_3.jpg                                  
3301 REVOLUTIONARY WAR TO CIVIL WAR DUG CANNON PARTS Heavy load so please check shipping, collector lot of shot, many with provenance attached, includes Rev. war one pound shot, Hotchkiss shot and much more, with the exception of the Grape shat and balls, most exploded. 80.00 150.00 0.00 3301_1.jpg 3301_2.jpg 3301_3.jpg 3301_4.jpg 3301_5.jpg                              
3302 THREE-RING MINIE BALL LODGED IN WOOD BENTONVILLE Civil War three-ring Minié ball lodged in wood fragment recovered from the area formerly Cole's Farm on the Bentonville Battlefield in 1988. Accompanied by a handwritten note from the finder. 150.00 250.00 0.00 3302_1.jpg 3302_2.jpg                                    
3303 INDIAN WARS ERA DENTIST FIELD INSTRUMENT KIT Contained in its original case early Dentistry instruments, irrigation, bottles, crown and bridge work platinoid and more. 60.00 100.00 0.00 3303_1.jpg 3303_2.jpg                                    
3304 GROUPING OF 2 UNITED STATES MILITARY BELTS Included is one early WWII US army belt size 36, and one modern US military belt. Overall in very good condition. 20.00 80.00 0.00 3304_1.jpg 3304_2.jpg                                    
3305 GERMAN WWII-ERA CANTEEN AND ONE MODERN US CANTEEN Some loss of paint is present to German canteen. Minor paint loss to US canteen, overall in very good condition. 20.00 100.00 0.00 3305_1.jpg 3305_2.jpg 3305_3.jpg 3305_4.jpg 3305_5.jpg                              
3306 USMC USN TIE AND BUCKLE LOT WWI TO VIETNAM Four Marine and one wool US Navy ties and a bag of seven buckles, various duty and garrison. 40.00 60.00 0.00 3306_1.jpg 3306_2.jpg                                    
3307 INDIAN WARS USMC NAVY ARMY BADGE THOMPSON WEB MORE Military gear lot consisting of, WWII U.S. Navy gas mask, WWII web carrier for Thompson Machine Gun magazine carrier. Very good condition. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3307_1.jpg 3307_2.jpg 3307_3.jpg                                  
3308 USAF MISC GEAR BACKPACK TROUSERS & UNDER SHIRT This United States Air Force lot includes a XGO flame retardant shirt size large. A pair of digital Air Force trousers size 34R, and a 5.11 Tactical Series back pack. All three items are in good to very good condition. 100.00 150.00 0.00 3308_1.jpg 3308_2.jpg 3308_3.jpg 3308_4.jpg 3308_5.jpg                              
3309 MILITARY GROUPING FIELD DRESSING AND CARRIER PACK Field dressing pack and WWI carrier pack. Some wear is present; overall in very good condition. 20.00 100.00 0.00 3309_1.jpg 3309_2.jpg                                    
3310 GROUP OF TWO FIELD JACKETS M-43 AND VIETNAM ERA Field jackets include one m-1943 and one untagged but believed to be Vietnam era. Both jackets shows signs of use and age. Overall in good condition. 20.00 100.00 0.00                                        
3311 PHILADELPHIA POLICE UNIFORM IKE STYLE JACKET Two pocket waist coat, about a size 38. 10.00 70.00 0.00 3311_1.jpg 3311_2.jpg 3311_3.jpg                                  
3312 MILITARY COLLECTORS LOT WITH VATICAN PENDANT Group includes Caliber Sportsman's apparel Hunting vest with matching pants, uniform hanging protector named to J. E. Davis , and Vatican Library Collection Pendant. Uniform protector has some wear. Overall in very good condition. 10.00 50.00 0.00 3312_1.jpg 3312_2.jpg 3312_3.jpg 3312_4.jpg 3312_5.jpg 3312_6.jpg                            
3313 US NAVY DRESS BLUE JUMPER CRACKERJACK UNIFORM United States Navy Crackerjack uniform set includes shirt and trousers. Shirt is a size 36 and shows some minor wear; overall in very good condition. 20.00 100.00 0.00 3313_1.jpg 3313_2.jpg 3313_3.jpg                                  
3314 1902 PATTERN ENLISTED ARTILLERY MANS DRESS CAP Good example but heavy mothing to top, visor, insignia and red piping is good, sweat band is contract stamped. 60.00 100.00 0.00 3314_1.jpg 3314_2.jpg 3314_3.jpg 3314_4.jpg                                
3315 VIETNAM USMC MARINE SUMMER WT OD GREEN UNIFORM Uniform belonging to Captain Bernard McDermont, KIA , Quang Nam Province, 6 September 1969, tunic trousers and belt. 80.00 120.00 0.00 3315_1.jpg 3315_2.jpg 3315_3.jpg 3315_4.jpg 3315_5.jpg                              
3316 VIETNAM RIP STOP UNIFORM & GEAR RANGE HELO PILOT Four straight pocket smock size large, senior Helicopter wings, CIB, Major insignia, Brave Rifles and Ranger patches, jump wings, Air Cavalry collar insignia, named to fee, with Ammo pouches, Boonie hat size 7 1/4, set of gear suspenders, all excellent like new condition. 80.00 150.00 0.00 3316_1.jpg 3316_2.jpg 3316_3.jpg 3316_4.jpg 3316_5.jpg 3316_6.jpg 3316_7.jpg                          
3317 NAMED FEMALE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS UNIFORM The uniform is named to Ann Doyle tunic is size 30 with her name stitched in the collar, and includes blouse, and skirt. Slight mothing to wool rank patches. Overall in very good condition. Comes with a short transcription from original owner. Saying she was a truck driver at El Torro, rank of Corporal left as a sergeant. 300.00 500.00 0.00                                        
3318 WWII USMC MARINE UNIFORM 310TH POLAR BEAR ENGINEER Uniform has the Polar Bear patch along with Staff Sergeant ranking on the left sleeve, Rifle Expert badge, WWII Victory medal Asiatic - Pacific Campaign medal with three star devices, and American Campaign medal. Tunic was made by College Hall Fashion. Includes a pair of trousers with belt slight mothing to the trousers overall Uniform is in good to very good condition. 100.00 150.00 0.00 3318_1.jpg 3318_2.jpg 3318_3.jpg 3318_4.jpg 3318_5.jpg 3318_6.jpg 3318_7.jpg                          
3319 UNITED STATES WWII-ERA UNOPENED GAS MASK CANNISTER Gas mask canister is labled "Gas Mask Canister, C1 2 each". Overall in very good condition. 20.00 100.00 0.00 3319_1.jpg 3319_2.jpg                                    
3320 US NAVY ISSUE WW2 WOOL BLANKET 46X75 Near excellent condition, blue and off white, named on a tiny tag to Vance Ormes. 40.00 80.00 0.00 3320_1.jpg 3320_2.jpg 3320_3.jpg                                  
3321 WWII USMC PARAMARINE MEDIC TUNIC WWII USMC Paramarine medic's tunic. Red bordered paramarine patch, medic patch, early rifle expert badge, 2 globes, 5 service ribbons with 3 stars on Pacific, and ruptured duck. Likely enhanced with period insignia. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3321_1.jpg 3321_2.jpg 3321_3.jpg 3321_4.jpg 3321_5.jpg                              
3322 WWII MARINE SEA BEE TUNIC WITH EGA'S WWII US Navy Sea Bee tunic. Sea Bee and striker patches on sleeves, EGA's on collar, and service ribbons. Overall very good condition. Likely enhanced with some period insignia. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3322_1.jpg 3322_2.jpg 3322_3.jpg 3322_4.jpg 3322_5.jpg                              
3323 WWII USMC PARAMARINE TUNIC WWII USMC Paramarine tunic. Patch with "blood border", sgt chevrons, two 12 year service stripes, parachute pin, 6 service stripes, occupation, and ruptured duck. Excellent condition. Likely enhanced with period insignia. 100.00 150.00 0.00 3323_1.jpg 3323_2.jpg 3323_3.jpg 3323_4.jpg 3323_5.jpg                              
3324 WWII IST ASSAULT USMC FIRST MARINE GUNNEY TUNIC Red felt assault border, ribbons including Presidential Unit Citation, EGA's, "Aussie" made 1st Marine Division patch, named J.C. Prince inside sleeve. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3324_1.jpg 3324_2.jpg 3324_3.jpg 3324_4.jpg 3324_5.jpg 3324_6.jpg                            
3325 NAMED WWII USMC TUNIC STERLING EGA'S Tunic named to A.H. Woodrow, sleeve is dated April 25, 1944. Tunic is made by College Hall Fashions. Aussie made patch Staff Sergeant ranking with alligator striker patch. Sterling silver EGA's. Overall in very good condition 100.00 300.00 0.00 3325_1.jpg 3325_2.jpg 3325_3.jpg 3325_4.jpg                                
3326 WWII USMC TUNIC 1ST DIVISION AUSTRALIAN-MADE WWII Australian-made USMC tunic with 1st Division patch with blood border, sgt stripes, EGA's, 4 service ribbons with 3 stars on Pacific, and one star on Philippines. Service ribbons loose on one side, otherwise very good condition. Likely enhanced with period insignia. 60.00 120.00 0.00 3326_1.jpg 3326_2.jpg 3326_3.jpg 3326_4.jpg 3326_5.jpg                              
3327 WWII US NAVY SEABEES USMC MARINE TUNIC & CAP Seabees attached with Marines whilst in pacific, overseas cap with sterling Seabees pin and EGA, USMC approved tag size 6 7/8, the tunic is Quartermaster stamped inside sleeve and dated 1942-43 the opposite sleeve is named to E.C. Riley, about a size 40, Seabees patch. PO 3 cloth rank insignia, Machinist Mate striker badge, Marksman bar, ribbon row, EGA buttons as well as EGA insignia, very good condition free of mothing, repairs or damage. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3327_1.jpg 3327_2.jpg 3327_3.jpg 3327_4.jpg 3327_5.jpg 3327_6.jpg 3327_7.jpg 3327_8.jpg 3327_9.jpg 3327_10.jpg 3327_11.jpg                  
3328 TWO M-1 VIETNAM AIRBORNE PARATROOPER HELMET LOT Grouping consists of two U.S Vietnam War M-1 1944 rear seam helmets Paratrooper configuration, liner suspension dated 1967 and 1969, woodland camo pattern class I. 150.00 250.00 0.00                                        
3329 THREE PAIRS OF SPANISH AMERICAN WAR TROUSERS Three pairs of Spanish American War trousers. All khaki color, two with bone buttons, one with brass buttons. Approximate sizes are as follows: 43 inches long by 33 wide, 36 inches long by 34 wide, and 40 inches long by 32 wide. Pants are stamped, but illegible. One pair has some stains, otherwise good condition. Two pairs look lightly worn. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3329_1.jpg 3329_2.jpg 3329_3.jpg 3329_4.jpg                                
3330 US ARMY MEN'S MIXED MILITARY CLOTHING LOT OF 7 US Army Men's mixed military clothing lot of seven. To include: (2) green wool serge trousers (34 x 32, 29 x 30), large size cotton fatigue trousers, (2) medium cotton khaki short-sleeve shirts, and a medium Command V U.S. Officer's Regulation WWII uniform (36 inches x 43 inches long pants). All clothing in very good, kept condition. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3330_1.jpg 3330_2.jpg 3330_3.jpg 3330_4.jpg 3330_5.jpg                              
3331 US ARMY MEN'S GREEN SERGE WOOL TROUSERS (10) US Army Men's green Serge wool trousers, lot of 10. The sizes are as follows: 26 x 32, 28 x 34, 26 x 34, (2) 34 S Tropical polyester/wool, 28 x 34, 30R, 34 x 36, 32 x 32, 32 x 34. Three pairs have some mold, water stains. Otherwise, very good condition. 30.00 100.00 0.00 3331_1.jpg 3331_2.jpg 3331_3.jpg 3331_4.jpg                                
3332 GROUP OF 3 WWII-ERA UNITED STATES MESS KITS 3 WWII-era mess kits. Some wear and show of age is present to each mess kit. Overall in good to very good condition. 30.00 100.00 0.00                                        
3333 GROUP OF 5 MILITARY BADGES FROM CUBA Group of 5 military badges from Cuba. Badges range form good to very good condition. 40.00 120.00 0.00 3333_1.jpg 3333_2.jpg                                    
3334 WWI WWII NAMED BRITISH MEDAL LOT 1 WITH INDIA BAR WWI For Long Service in the Volunteer Service this medal named to PTE. E.G. Nash Chota Nag. R. A.F.I. without ribbon, the second medal For Efficient Service with India bar named to PTE. J.E. Easton Chota, Nag. R... A.F.I. 40.00 80.00 0.00 3334_1.jpg 3334_2.jpg                                    
3335 25TH ROYAL WEDDING VICTORIA WILHELM II 1906 MEDAL Counter stamped reverse shooting club on a wedding 1906 commemorative medal, of silver, 28 grams. 60.00 100.00 0.00 3335_1.jpg 3335_2.jpg                                    
3336 WWII GERMAN SILVER WAR MERIT CROSS WITH SWORDS Stout pin reverse stamped L/11, well crafted authentic badge. 200.00 250.00 150.00 3336_1.jpg 3336_2.jpg 3336_3.jpg 3336_4.jpg                                
3337 WWII GERMAN THIRD REICH PILOT OBSERVER BADGE Late war issue , reverse stamped CEL, pin lays 90 degree, excellent detail and workmanship. 300.00 400.00 250.00 3337_1.jpg                                      
3338 WWII GERMAN THIRD REICH IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS Very good condition , exceptional craftsmanship, stout pin reverse , pin is stamped L15, slight enamel/paint loss to obverse. 300.00 400.00 250.00 3338_1.jpg 3338_2.jpg                                    
3339 WWII GERMAN GOLD CLOSE COMBAT CLASP Superb craftsmanship with stout pin reverse back marked to the left FEC. W.E. Peekhaus Berlin, to the right Ausf. A.G. Mu. K. Gablonz., 550.00 700.00 500.00 3339_1.jpg 3339_2.jpg                                    
3340 GROUP OF 12 BADGES AND TAGS RUSSIA AND UKRAINE Badges include Paratrooper, Border Patrol, and Navy. Overall in good to very good condition. 40.00 120.00 0.00 3340_1.jpg 3340_2.jpg 3340_3.jpg 3340_4.jpg 3340_5.jpg                              
3341 GROUP OF 10 RUSSIAN PARATROPPER BADGES Group includes 10 Paratrooper badges from Russia, Ukraine, and Byelorussia. Range from good to very good condition. 40.00 120.00 0.00 3341_1.jpg 3341_2.jpg 3341_3.jpg 3341_4.jpg                                
3342 COLLECTION OF 24 GERMAN NAZI STICK PINS Collection of 24 different Nazi stick pins. Overall in very good condition. 100.00 150.00 0.00 3342_1.jpg 3342_2.jpg 3342_3.jpg 3342_4.jpg                                
3343 GERMAN NSDAP TWO-SIDED BANNER 56 BY 27 INCHES Two-sided banner measures approximately 56 by 27 inches. Three piece with solid construction swastika. Overall in very good condition. 200.00 300.00 0.00 3343_1.jpg 3343_2.jpg                                    
3344 WWII JAPANESE ISLAND DUG DETECTOR FIND DOG TAG Copper nice excavated condition Dog Tag. 30.00 60.00 0.00 3344_1.jpg 3344_2.jpg 3344_3.jpg                                  
3345 3 MEXICAN FEDERALI NUMBERED POLICE BADGE LOT Each are screw back reverse, individually numbered, measuring 3.5 inches, enamel loss to each, unauthenticated. 80.00 150.00 0.00 3345_1.jpg 3345_2.jpg 3345_3.jpg 3345_4.jpg 3345_5.jpg                              
3346 MILITARY PIN BADGE & INSIGNIA LOT Includes 1886 sterling Maltese cross pin, early French flyers wings, WWI U.S. oval, CPO collar insignia, U.S. Missile Artillery badge, and small Mode Aeronautics pin. 20.00 40.00 0.00                                        
3347 MIXED GROUPING OF 2 MINIATURE DAGGERS AND ONE BOX Mixed grouping of 2 reproduction daggers and one reproduction Nazi box. Included is 1 French miniature dagger with Paris marked on the handle, 1 miniature Polish dagger, and one desk box with Nazi engravings. Some wear is present to each item; overall in very good condition. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3347_1.jpg 3347_2.jpg 3347_3.jpg                                  
3348 GROUPING OF SOVIET MEDALS AND BADGES Grouping consisting of five jump badges Institute of Parachute Troops c.1968, 4 Authentic Soviet USSR Medals Victory over Germany, 50th Anniversary of Soviet armed forces medal, two civilian medals for achievement in labor, medal for combat service. Items are in good to very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3348_1.jpg 3348_2.jpg 3348_3.jpg 3348_4.jpg                                
3349 TWENTY RUSSAN MILITARY PATCHES KGB PARATROOPER 20 Russian Military patches. Overall in very good condition. 50.00 150.00 0.00 3349_1.jpg 3349_2.jpg 3349_3.jpg 3349_4.jpg 3349_5.jpg                              
3350 WWII RIBBON INSIGNIA BUTTON LOT DFC BRONZE STAR Nice grouping of ribbons and misc. insignia 40.00 60.00 0.00 3350_1.jpg 3350_2.jpg 3350_3.jpg                                  
3351 MIXED INSIGNIA STERLING MILITARY AND MORE Mixed lot of various insignia, including sterling paratrooper jump wings, WWII Aircraft Warning Service (AWS) wings, US Navy insignia, hallmarked silver sports pendant, Naval Aviator jacket patch, and small cross pin marked "INH". 80.00 120.00 0.00 3351_1.jpg 3351_2.jpg                                    
3352 U.S. MARSHAL BADGE COIN SILVER 2 INCH DIAMETER Well crafted, hook pin reverse, unauthenticated. 60.00 90.00 0.00 3352_1.jpg 3352_2.jpg 3352_3.jpg                                  
3353 FOUR KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN EAGLE PLATE INSIGNIA There are four Knights of the Golden Eagle cap insignia they all measure approximately 2 inches tall with a wingspan of 4.25 inches. Overall all four are in good to very good condition. 20.00 80.00 0.00 3353_1.jpg 3353_2.jpg 3353_3.jpg                                  
3354 4 FRAMED CERTIFICATES TO JOHN BURLIN WWII PILOT This group includes John Burlin Honorable Discharge dated August 14th 1945, a certificate from Pan American Airways for flying from Miami to Belem, a Stratoliner Club member for flying at altitudes of three and one-half miles, and a certificate for flying over the equator. 10.00 100.00 0.00 3354_1.jpg 3354_2.jpg 3354_3.jpg 3354_4.jpg 3354_5.jpg                              
3355 GOLD & STERLING WWII PIN & BADGE LOT Gold pin weighs 1.8 grams in 10KT, for 30 years Department of Navy, two sterling badges weighing 32 grams, marksman with machine gun specialty and aviation mechanic. 40.00 70.00 0.00 3355_1.jpg 3355_2.jpg 3355_3.jpg 3355_4.jpg 3355_5.jpg 3355_6.jpg 3355_7.jpg                          
3356 WWII NAMED BRONZE STAR TO SSG RAYMOND R HARVEY This named Bronze Star also includes a named Good Conduct medal to Staff Sergeant Raymond R. Harvey, and supporting paperwork to go along with it. Which includes a copy of the citation for the Bronze Star, and copies of the General order pertaining the award to Raymond R. Harvey. Overall in very good condition. 100.00 200.00 0.00 3356_1.jpg 3356_2.jpg 3356_3.jpg 3356_4.jpg 3356_5.jpg 3356_6.jpg 3356_7.jpg 3356_8.jpg                        
3357 FAIRBAIRN-SYKES STYLE RING GRIP STILETTO KNIFE Fairbairn-Sykes style commando fighting knife with ring grip. Cross guard marked "ENGLAND", with broad arrow mark over number 8 just behind cross guard. Oxidization to blade and wear to handle. leather scabbard in fair condition. 100.00 130.00 0.00 3357_1.jpg 3357_2.jpg 3357_3.jpg                                  
3358 BONE HANDLED NEPALESE KUKRI KNIFE Nepalese kukri knife, with decorated bone handle and brass fittings. Hammered copper and leather fitted scabbard, with karda and chakmak implements. 6.5 inch decoratively engraved blade. 30.00 90.00 0.00 3358_1.jpg 3358_2.jpg 3358_3.jpg                                  
3359 WWII JAPANESE OFFICERS SHIN GUNTO SWORD SIGNED WWII Imperial Japanese officer's Shin gunto. Nakago signed Yoshichika with painted assembly number of 1978, and a date of 5th month of the 19th year of Showa (May 1944). Yoshichika worked in the town of Seiki during WWII. Blade measures about 27 inches, with tetsu tsuba, and Tsuka-ito over samegawa tsuka. Fuchi, tsuba, and seppa slightly loose, retaining latch does not hold, and minor paint loss to saya, otherwise very good condition. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3359_1.jpg 3359_2.jpg 3359_3.jpg 3359_4.jpg 3359_5.jpg 3359_6.jpg                            
3360 WWII IMPERIAL JAPANESE SHIN GUNTO SIGNED WWII Imperial Japanese officer's Shin gunto. Nakago signed Nobumitsu and a date of 3rd month of the 20th year of Showa (March 1945). Nobumitsu worked in the town of Seiki during WWII. Blade measures about 26.5 inches, with tetsu tsuba, and tsuka-ito over samegawa tsuka. Tsuba and fittings good and tight, with effective retaining latch. Some scuffs to steel saya, otherwise very good condition. . 100.00 300.00 0.00 3360_1.jpg 3360_2.jpg 3360_3.jpg 3360_4.jpg 3360_5.jpg 3360_6.jpg 3360_7.jpg                          
3361 WWII JAPANESE NCO SHIN GUNTO SWORD 26 inch blade numbered 90866. Kokura arsenal marked. Very good condition. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3361_1.jpg 3361_2.jpg 3361_3.jpg 3361_4.jpg 3361_5.jpg 3361_6.jpg                            
3362 JAPAN WWII OFFICER’S SIGNED SHIN GUNTO WOOD SAYA 26 inch, 6.7 mm thick blade, 8.75 inch Haagari tang chisel signed (Romanized hiragana: Bo Chi Do), and has a 1.5 inch Chu tip, standard WWII pommel, Adi Gata tsuba, and tsuka, cloth tassel loop, unnumbered copper habaki and a saya with standard hanging hardware. Overall in good condition with heavy damage and nicks to the blade edge as well as overall pitting, in addition to splitting of the saya. 200.00 300.00 0.00 3362_1.jpg 3362_2.jpg 3362_3.jpg 3362_4.jpg 3362_5.jpg 3362_6.jpg                            
3363 WWII JAPANESE OFFICER’S SIGNED SHIN GUNTO 27.25 inch , 6.8mm thick togari hamon blade, 8 inch Kengyo tang signed and stamped and 1.25 inch Chu tip, standard WWII pommel and tsuka, flower tassel loop with tassel, standard brass habaki marked “156”. Overall in very good condition with some finish loss and finish cracking to saya and oxidation on the blade along the shinogi. 100.00 300.00 0.00 3363_1.jpg 3363_2.jpg 3363_3.jpg 3363_4.jpg 3363_5.jpg 3363_6.jpg                            
3364 JAPANESE SHIN GUNTO PROBABLE REPRODUCTION Shin Gunto measures approximately 39 inches in length. Sheath and tsuba are present. Sheath has some scratches and chips. Blade has some oxidation; overall in good condition. 100.00 160.00 0.00 3364_1.jpg 3364_2.jpg                                    
3365 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN AIR FORCE DAGGER Dagger features an eagle hand guard and an eagle pommel. Some tarnishing and loss of finish is present to the blade; overall in good condition. 350.00 450.00 350.00 3365_1.jpg 3365_2.jpg 3365_3.jpg 3365_4.jpg 3365_5.jpg 3365_6.jpg                            
3366 TWO BAYONETS US M4 IMPERIAL & ENFIELD NO 7 MK 1 Two bayonets. US M4 bayonet marked Imperial,, with M8 scabbard, and British Enfield No. 7 Mk 1, with no scabbard. 60.00 90.00 0.00 3366_1.jpg 3366_2.jpg 3366_3.jpg 3366_4.jpg 3366_5.jpg 3366_6.jpg                            
3367 WWII USMC PHILIPPINES CLIP POINT MACHETE Machete measures approximately 22.75 inches from the bottom of the handle to the tip of the blade. Blade is inscribed "Philippines" and shows age with oxidation. Handle is hand carved from horn. And includes leather scabbard. Overall in good condition. 40.00 80.00 0.00 3367_1.jpg 3367_2.jpg 3367_3.jpg 3367_4.jpg 3367_5.jpg 3367_6.jpg                            
3368 SIX BOXES OF 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN AMMUNITION Six boxes of 12 gauge shotgun ammunition. Various makes and loads. 60.00 70.00 0.00 3368_1.jpg 3368_2.jpg 3368_3.jpg                                  
3369 MIXED LOT OF VARIOUS RIFLE PISTOL AMMUNITION Mixed lot of various ammunition for rifle, pistol & shotgun. Mixed caliber and manufacture. .40, 9mm, .45 and more. 60.00 80.00 0.00 3369_1.jpg 3369_2.jpg 3369_3.jpg                                  
3370 MIXED AMMUNITION 9X18 MAKAROV .22 WMR & 20 GA Mixed ammunition lot including 400 rounds 9 x 18 Makarov, 100 rds .22 Magnum, and 20 gauge shot shells. good condition. 70.00 120.00 0.00 3370_1.jpg 3370_2.jpg 3370_3.jpg 3370_4.jpg                                
3371 GROUPING OF AK 47 STOCK PARTS Grouping of AK 47 stock parts, including two wood butt stocks, fore end parts, and a synthetic butt stock and fore end set. All in good condition. 50.00 70.00 0.00 3371_1.jpg 3371_2.jpg 3371_3.jpg 3371_4.jpg 3371_5.jpg                              
3372 LARGE RING MAUSER BARREL IN .270 Large ring Mauser rifle barrel, chambered in .270. Marked "Made in Belguim", with Leige proof mark. Bright clean bore, 95% bluing. Overall very good condition. 80.00 120.00 0.00 3372_1.jpg 3372_2.jpg 3372_3.jpg                                  
3373 TWO USED RIFLE SCOPES Two used rifle scopes. Bushnell 3-9x, and Gamo, both with mounts. 30.00 40.00 0.00 3373_1.jpg 3373_2.jpg 3373_3.jpg 3373_4.jpg 3373_5.jpg 3373_6.jpg                            
3374 1890'S ANTIQUE SHOT POWDER MEASURE B.G.I. CO. This is an antique black powder measure reloading tool, marked B.G.I. Co. patented I890. Measures at 5.5 inches in length. In good condition. 20.00 60.00 0.00 3374_1.jpg 3374_2.jpg                                    
3375 SINGLE SHOT PISTOL .22LR CZECHOSLOVAKIAN MADE Single Shot .22 LR pistol, stamped "ADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA" on left side, with proof mark. Bore is bright and clean, finish is 90%, and grips very good. Overall very good condition. Caliber: .22 LR Serial #: 994 150.00 250.00 0.00 3375_1.jpg 3375_2.jpg 3375_3.jpg                                  
3376 US REVOLVE COMPANY .32 REVOLVER RELIC US Revolver Co. .32 caliber revolver. Cylinder and hammer mechanisms still work, but gun is in otherwise relic condition. Serial #: 6584 40.00 60.00 0.00 3376_1.jpg 3376_2.jpg 3376_3.jpg 3376_4.jpg                                
3377 SMITH & WESSON MODEL 60 REVOLVER .38 SPL Smith & Wesson Model 60 revolver. Stainless steel finish shows severe corrosion on one side, but bore remains good, and gun appears functional. Overall fair condition. Caliber: .38 SPL Serial #: R92222 120.00 220.00 0.00 3377_1.jpg 3377_2.jpg 3377_3.jpg 3377_4.jpg                                
3378 LAKEFIELD MARK II .22 LR BOLT ACTION RIFLE Lakefield Mark II .22 lR rifle. Bore is bright and clean. Bluing is about 70%, with scattered freckles of surface rust, and stock shows scuffs and scratches, but no cracks. Magazine missing. Overall fair to good condition. Caliber: .22 LR Serial #: 310268 70.00 120.00 0.00 3378_1.jpg 3378_2.jpg 3378_3.jpg 3378_4.jpg                                
3379 REMNGTON SPEEDMASTER MODEL 552 RIFLE .22LR Remington Speedmaster Model 552 rifle. Bore is bright and clean, finish is about 85%, with some rust on barrel and magazine tube, and stock is very good. Overall very good condition. Caliber: .22 LR Serial #: A1990094 150.00 250.00 0.00 3379_1.jpg 3379_2.jpg 3379_3.jpg 3379_4.jpg 3379_5.jpg                              
3380 SPORTERIZED MAUSER BOLT ACTION RIFLE Mauser bolt action rifle with sporter stock. Fair bore with some frost, and surface rust on metal. Stock is well worn, with about 3 inch split on grip. Action appears strong. Overall fair condition, useful for a project gun. Caliber: 8mm Serial #: 3976 70.00 120.00 0.00 3380_1.jpg 3380_2.jpg 3380_3.jpg 3380_4.jpg 3380_5.jpg                              
3381 H&R MODEL 349 GAMESTER 16 GAUGE BOLT SHOTGUN H&R Model 349 Gamester bolt action 16 gauge shotgun. Bore is bright and clean, bluing about 60% with moderate surface rust, and stock is good, with handling scuffs but no cracks. Overall good condition. Caliber: 16 Gauge Serial #: None 70.00 90.00 0.00 3381_1.jpg 3381_2.jpg 3381_3.jpg 3381_4.jpg 3381_5.jpg                              
3382 JC HIGGINS MODEL 583.17 BOLT ACTION 12 GAUGE JC Higgins Model 583.17 made for Sears Roebuck & Co. 28 inch barrel, chambered for 2 3/4 inch shells. Very good bore, bluing is about 85%, with some spots of surface rust, and stock is good. Overall good condition. Caliber: 12 Gauge Serial #: None 60.00 90.00 0.00 3382_1.jpg 3382_2.jpg 3382_3.jpg 3382_4.jpg                                
3383 J C HIGGINS MODEL 583.17 BOLT ACTION 12 GAUGE JC Higgins Model 583.17 bolt action 12 gauge shotgun. Good clean bore, bluing about 60%, with moderate surface rust, and stock is free of cracks. Overall fair condition. Caliber: 12 Gauge Serial #: None 60.00 80.00 0.00 3383_1.jpg 3383_2.jpg 3383_3.jpg 3383_4.jpg                                
3384 EDUARD KETTNER KOLN OVER / UNDER 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN Eduard Kettner O/U 12 gauge shotgun . 26 3/4 inch blued vent rib barrel set, and receiver engraves with sporting scenes. Bores are bright and clean, and bluing is about 90%. Stock is in fair condition, with significant field wear and repaired crack to grip. Overall good condition. Caliber: 12 Gauge Serial #: 86765 Caliber: 12 Gauge Serial #: 86765 400.00 600.00 0.00 3384_1.jpg 3384_2.jpg 3384_3.jpg 3384_4.jpg 3384_5.jpg 3384_6.jpg 3384_7.jpg                          
3385 WINCHESTER MODEL 12 PUMP 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN 1927 Winchester Model 12 pump action 12 gauge shotgun, manufactured in 1927. Barrel shortened to 18 inches for riot gun style appearance. Good shiny bore, about 30% bluing remaining on barrel, and phosphate finish to receiver and magazine tube. Stock appears original, with dark patina, and repaired chip to heel. Overall fair condition. Caliber: 12 Gauge Serial #: 479747 120.00 200.00 0.00 3385_1.jpg 3385_2.jpg 3385_3.jpg                                  
3386 MOSSBERG 500 20 GAUGE PUMP SHOTGUN SYNTHETIC STOCK Mossberg 500 pump action 20 gauge shotgun with synthetic stock. 18 inch barrel, with black synthetic stock. Bore is bright and clean, bluing 95+% and stock excellent. Overall excellent condition. Caliber: 20 Ga Serial #: U451809 250.00 350.00 0.00 3386_1.jpg 3386_2.jpg 3386_3.jpg 3386_4.jpg 3386_5.jpg                              
3387 REMINGTON 870 EXPRESS MAGNUM 12 GAUGE PUMP Remington 870 Express Magnum 12 gauge pump shotgun. Bore is bright, matte black finish is about 80%, with some scuffs and rust spots on barrel, and stock is good, with some surface wear from handling, but no cracks or chips. Overall good condition. Caliber: 12 Gauge Serial #: H756990M 170.00 220.00 0.00 3387_1.jpg 3387_2.jpg 3387_3.jpg 3387_4.jpg                                
3388 MOSSBERG 500C 20 GAUGE PUMP SHOTGUN Mossberg 500C 20 gauge shotgun. 24 inch barrel, chambered for 2 3/4 & 3 inch shells. Bore is bright and clean, finish is 95+%, and stock is excellent. Overall excellent condition. Caliber: 20 Gauge Serial #: K435437 150.00 250.00 0.00 3388_1.jpg 3388_2.jpg 3388_3.jpg                                  
3389 WINCHESTER MODEL 97 PUMP 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN 1928 Winchester Model 97 pump action 12 gauge shotgun, manufactured in 1928. Bright clean bore. Bluing is about 65%, with wear and some surface rust and pitted areas. Stock has about 1 inch hairline crack in wrist, with significant wear overall. Gun appears mechanically functional. Overall fair condition. Caliber: 12 Gauge Serial #: 791928 200.00 300.00 0.00 3389_1.jpg 3389_2.jpg 3389_3.jpg 3389_4.jpg 3389_5.jpg 3389_6.jpg                            
3390 MOSSBERG 500 12 GAUGE PISTOL GRIP SHOTGUN Mossberg 500 pistol grip shotgun. blued with black synthetic grip and fore end. Bore is bright and clean, finish 95+%, and stock excellent. Overall excellent condition. Caliber: 12 Gauge Serial #: D509267 300.00 350.00 0.00 3390_1.jpg 3390_2.jpg 3390_3.jpg 3390_4.jpg                                
3391 MARLIN MODEL 60W .22 LR SEMI AUTO RIFLE Marlin Model 60W rifle. Bore is bright and clean, bluing is about 85%, with some light freckling of dew point rust, and stock is very good, with a few scuffs. Action shows powder fouling, and needs cleaning. Overall good condition. Caliber: .22 LR Serial #: 05271834 120.00 140.00 0.00 3391_1.jpg 3391_2.jpg 3391_3.jpg 3391_4.jpg                                
3392 REMINGTON WOODSMASTER 742 .30-06 PARTS ONLY Remington Woodsmaster 742 sporting rifle, offered for parts only. Bolt assembly is missing parts and not functioning. Fair bore, and stock shows some wear, but no cracks Non working condition, fro parts or repair. Caliber: .30-06 Serial #: A7034384 100.00 150.00 0.00 3392_1.jpg 3392_2.jpg 3392_3.jpg 3392_4.jpg                                
3393 RUGER MARK 1 PISTOL 6 INCH BARREL Ruger Mark 1 pistol, with 6 inch barrel, manufactured in 1965. Good bore. Severe pitting shows on left side of pistol, likely from salt of caustic exposure. Gun appears mechanically functional, though needs cleaning. Overall fair condition. Caliber: .22 LR Serial #: 288028 100.00 120.00 0.00 3393_1.jpg 3393_2.jpg 3393_3.jpg                                  
3394 SMITH & WESSON SIGMA SERIES MODEL SW40G PISTOL Smith & Wesson SW40G semi automatic pistol. Matte black slide, with NATO green synthetic frame, with molded grips and 13 round magazine. Bore is bright and clean, finish is 95%, and frame/grips are excellent. Overall excellent condition. Caliber: .40 S&W Serial #: PBL1725 200.00 300.00 0.00 3394_1.jpg 3394_2.jpg 3394_3.jpg 3394_4.jpg                                
3395 BULGARIAN MAKAROV 9 X 18 PISTOL IMPORTED BY CAI Makarov 9 x 18mm pistol. Good clean bore, about 80% finish, with some holster wear and fading, and very good grips. Overall very good condition. Caliber: 9 x 18mm Serial #: BMK06161 170.00 250.00 0.00 3395_1.jpg 3395_2.jpg 3395_3.jpg 3395_4.jpg                                
3396 REISING .22 CALIBER TARGET PISTOL NEEDS REPAIR Reising .22 LR target pistol. About 20% bluing remains, and gun has spring related mechanical problem that requires repair. Bore remains good. Great restoration project. Caliber: .22 LR Serial #: 11503 150.00 200.00 0.00 3396_1.jpg 3396_2.jpg 3396_3.jpg                                  
3397 SAVAGE MODEL 1917 .32 ACP PISTOL Savage Model 1917 .32 ACP pistol. Bore shows some frost, bluing is about 60%, with some light pitting, and grips are very good. Overall good condition. Caliber: .32 Serial #: 341325 200.00 275.00 0.00 3397_1.jpg 3397_2.jpg 3397_3.jpg                                  
3398 CVA OPTIMA PRO MUZZLELOADING RIFLE Connecticut Valley Arms Optima Pro muzzle loading black powder rifle. 50 caliber, with matte black 29 inch barrel and synthetic stock. Excellent bore, 95% finish and excellent stock. Overall excellent condition. New bottle of Hogdon Triple 7 propellant included. Caliber: .50 Serial #: 042054 100.00 150.00 0.00 3398_1.jpg 3398_2.jpg 3398_3.jpg 3398_4.jpg 3398_5.jpg                              
3399 HAND MADE LAMINATE RECURVE BOW BY HOLLENBECK Hand made triple laminated recurve bow, by Hollenbeck Archery. Marked 63 @ 28" and 56", with serial number 984202. Very good condition. 150.00 250.00 0.00 3399_1.jpg 3399_2.jpg 3399_3.jpg 3399_4.jpg                                
3400 CVA HUNTERBOLT MAGNUM BLACK POWDER MUZZLELOADER CVA Hunterbolt Magnum .50 caliber black powder muzzleloader. Stainless steel finish with black synthetic stock. Bore is bright and clean, finish is about 90%, with a few minor freckles on bottom of barrel, and stock is very good. Ramrod missing. Overall good condition. Caliber: .50 60.00 100.00 0.00